A 21-year-old Palestinian, who was shot and wounded Sunday night in the Gaza Strip, was left on the ground until he bled to death, witnesses said on Monday.

They said Israeli soldiers stationed on a tower overlooking Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip opened fire at Ahmad Nabaheen as he approached the fence surrounding the Gaza Strip.

Nabaheen was critically wounded and attempts to ev
acuate him by local ambulances failed when soldiers refused to allow them to approach him.

Witnesses said the soldiers did not allow anyone to reach Nabaheen for six hours while he was still showing signs he was alive but when it was clear he died, they allowed the ambulances to evacuate the body.

Residents described Nabaheen as mentally disturbed, which explains why he approached the fence knowing that the soldiers manning it would shoot him.

Israel has set up a 300-meter buffer zone inside the Gaza Strip and soldiers would shoot without warning at any person inside that area and even further out to a distance of 1000 meters. Photo by Wafa

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