MP: Britain responsible for ethnic cleansing in Palestine

[ 04/11/2012 – 08:06 PM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– The Jerusalemite MP deported to Ramallah, Ahmed Attoun, held the international community and Britain fully responsible for all the suffering, the killing and displacement of the Palestinian people caused by the Balfour Declaration.

MP Attoun said that Britain should atone for its sin and the catastrophe it has caused to the Palestinians, as it should compensate them for the tragic consequences of the Balfour Declaration.

He also demanded Britain to apologize to the Palestinians and Arabs for the injustice and oppression against his people; including the Nakba, the arrests, the displacement, the demolitions and the Judaization of holy sites, caused by the implementation of the Balfour Declaration by the British Government.

Attoun asserted, during the 95th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration that all the Palestinian territory belongs only to the Palestinian people.

He continued: “The Balfour Declaration represents a crime against Palestine, its people and its holy sites” and that the rights can only be extracted by resisting the occupation.”

“We assert that the rights cannot be subjected to the statute of limitations and that the policy of fait accompli adopted by the Israeli occupation cannot change the facts that the entire land of Palestine from the sea to the river is an Arab and Islamic land and that the right of return is a sacred and inalienable right.”


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