#WestBankUnderAttack | Annexation | Israel turns military outpost into settlement in Bethlehem

[ PIC 05/11/2012 – 05:15 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA) started turning the military outpost built on the land of al-Khader village south of Bethlehem to a settlement, through replacing mobile homes “caravans” to fixed buildings constructed of concrete.

Ahmad Salah, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Al-Khader town, told Quds press that Israeli heavy plant continued to work in the Ein Qusis settlement by building new housing units and paving streets leading to it and removing the caravans and the establishment of fixed buildings, as well as linking it to the Israeli mains water, sanitation and electricity services.

He reported that the expansion of the military camp and turning it into a settlement will lead to seizing more land of al-Khader Palestinian village, pointing out that only 20 settlers live in Ein Qusis settlement these days, but with the new infrastructure conditions tens of settlers will move to live in the settlement.

Salah noted that the decision to turn the Ein Qusis settlement, built since 2001 on an area of ​​300 acres of al-Khader village, came in light of the Israeli plan to turn 40 outposts and military camps to large “recognized” settlements.

Meanwhile, Israeli settlers started expanding an outpost near the town of Yatta in al-Khalil in the southern occupied West Bank, through building new caravans.

Ratib Jabour, the coordinator of the Popular Committee Against settlements in Yatta stated that the occupation expanded Avijal outpost built on the Palestinian land near the village of Carmel eastern Yatta town, according to Quds press.

Jabour pointed out that the settlers added five caravans on Sunday after adding seven others two months ago.

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