#VIDEO | Undercover Unit arrested Palestinians in a Restaurant

Al Qassam Website – Nov 6 2012

Al Qassam website – Ahrar – A video shows how the undercover unit arrested Palestinians in a restaurant after storming it in “Em-Alsharayet” in Al-Beereh city in West Bank. The video which Watan T.V published it, clearly shows the faces of the undercover, before they wear masks , after alerting the presence of a surveillance camera.

The tape shows the violence against the captives by the Israeli army and intimidate citizens who were in the restaurant during the storming operation. It is noteworthy that the occupation army stormed a restaurant over a year ago and arrested three citizens, were: Loay Hassoun “(24 years old), Hamid Hassoun (18 years old) and Hamza Abdu (32 years), and all three are from” Bait Emreen” village in Nablus.



Still live in fairytaleland about Israel? Time to wake up: The Map of the “Greater Israel” even is hammered on the currency:

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You can forget all details. Save yourself time. It is only about Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…

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