Gaza Government condemns the killing of Palestinians in Syria

[ PIC 07/11/2012 – 07:10 PM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– The Palestinian government in Gaza denounced what it called “murder crimes” against the Palestinian refugees in Syria, stressing the need to stop these crimes and neutralize the Palestinian refugees.

“We condemn the killings against Palestinian refugees in Syria, and we emphasize the need to neutralize them from the Syrian internal affairs,” the government said in a press release at the end of its weekly meeting yesterday evening.

On the other hand, the Gaza government called on the head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas to “apologize to the Palestinian people for his shocking statements about the right of return,” describing them as “national crime.”

Meanwhile, the government condemned the Israeli decisions to establish new settlements in the occupied Jerusalem “which came to complete the final steps to Judaize the holy city and change its demographic character”.

The government also called on the Arab and Islamic countries to pressure the occupation to stop these measures and protect Jerusalem.

Moreover, the government condemned the irresponsible statements that criticize the visits of international officials to the Gaza Strip in order to break the siege, calling for intensifying such visits.



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