#PHOTOS | Municipal bulldozers demolished Imad Abu Laban’s house in at-Tur

Silwanic | Tuesday, 6 November, 2012 | 01:02

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC)

Monday morning, November 5th municipal bulldozers demolished the house of Imad Mohammed Younis Abu Laban that is located in “Karm Al Zayton” in El Tur neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Large Israeli forces, included Special Forces, police with sniffer dogs and border guards, has surrounded the house from all sides and prevented the owners of the house and the neighbors from reaching it in order to take out the furniture and the belongings. Jerusalem municipality officers and the authority of natural came to the demolition site.

According to the citizen Abu Laban, the Israeli forces raided his house after twenty minutes he and his wife left it heading to work, where he received a call from the neighbors telling him about the demolition. But when he arrived, the bulldozer had implemented the demolition. Bear in mind that he built the house on his land two years ago and he did not receive any demolition warnings.

Abu Laban explained that the workers take out some of the furniture inside the house, while all the other furniture and belongings were demolished. As well as the fence that surrounded the house was demolished, in addition they uprooted dozens of fruitful trees.

He noted that the Israeli forces assaulted him on his arrival to the house and he tried to ask about the demolition order but his phone mobile was smashed. In addition, his elderly mother and his brother’s wife were assaulted.

He pointed out that under the ruins he lost 5 thousand dollars, 9 thousand NIS as well as the gold of his wife. He was not allowed to take the paperwork from the house.

Noteworthy that the house of Abu Laban was 32 square meters and built of bricks. It included a small room, bathroom and a kitchen.


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