@CurvaciousNL promoting Israel’s Stolen Goods removed it’s page for AHAVA without statement (Updated)

Nov 8, 2012 | occpal | updated March 24, 2013

They say: “Ignorance is a bliss”  but the sheer plain shameless bigotry really does come in sizes! In Plus Size at curvacious.nl promoting with – almost lyrical romance- and misleading campaign stolen goods. Offering the viewers of this article at their site to respond beneath their post, yet caught our focus when online reports showed this entrepreneur is deleting all comments which criticize the Ahava brand and their campaign.

For the right context I will add comments into the article to bring this shameless advertising campaign into the right perspective:
Below a translated version of the original article at:

Ahava | Mineral botanic pampering therapy (at Curvacious.nl)

Normaal gesproken schrijf ik niet over samples/miniaturen van producten omdat je een product op die manier vaak niet goed kan testen en ook qua fotografie vaak geen eer aan doet. Normaal neem ik zulke kleinere verpakkingen dan mee met een weekendje weg of op vakantie, laat ik zo een vriendin of familielid eens kennis maken met een product of gebruik ik het als extraatjes bij een cadeautje voor iemand. Maar vandaag maak ik een uitzondering. Als liefhebber van wellnessgeuren en natuurlijke producten wil ik jullie deze producten van Ahava namelijk niet onthouden.


Normally speaking I do not write about samples/miniature of products because one can not test a product properly this way nor photography does  no honor to it. Normally I take small samples like these with me on a weekend trip or on a vacation, I offer a friend or family member to get acquainted with a product or use it as an little extra accompanying a gift for someone. But today i will make an exception. As a loves of wellness-scents and natural products I do not want to keep these products of Ahava from you.


While talking about wellness, natural and more, Israel has a long standing record of violating such. West Bank resources are rightfully belonging to the Palestinians People, as is stated in UN resolution 3005. Yet, maybe this Dutch Magazine does not get the info required to make a really independant judgement for the very Dutch government blocked in early April of this year an EU report about Settler terrorism in the west bank. It was leaked by Dries van Agt, former MP of the Netherlands.

Stolen goods or sales of such, in any normal country would make one end up in jail. So why be complicit in such knowing it deprives Palestinians from their resources and income to feed their families? Why you should NOT buy stolen goods you can read in this leaflet from PSC Settlement Goods

Lotusbloem en kastanje cream wash
“Deze body cream wash is verrijkt met lotusbloem (antioxidant) voor een unieke kalmerende sensatie en kastanja met voedende en opschuimende eigenschappen.”

Als je van zachte, vrouwelijke, vers-gewassen-wasgoed geuren houdt, dan is deze douchegel echt wat voor jou. Heerlijk zo’n geur om je direct helemaal clean te voelen. En dan ook nog eens zonder een trekkerig gevoel aan je douchebeurt te hebben overgehouden.


LotusFlower & Chestnut cream wash

“This body cream enriched with lotus flowers (anti oxidant) for a calming sensation and Chestnut (Your article contains a typo dear Mrs. Curvacious: The proper word is ‘kastanje” not “kastanja”) with nutritional and foaming characteristics.” If you love a soft, female, fresh washed laundry scent, this shower-gel is just really something for you. Delicious such a scent, to feel yourself completely clean. And without feeling tense feelings after your turn in the shower.


Seeing this stolen product with accompanying ”propaganda’  about “nutrition”, “calming sensations”, “freshly washed” and “shower” will soon vanish into thin air if one knows the facts. Where to start?

Let’s do Nutrition first:

Picture from Video by Al Jazeera: shows a child suffering from malnutrition, ie what you’d expect to find under famine conditions (see pic above). 80 % of Gaza relies on UN food rations.

The nutrition in a bottle which you can put on your face while 1,7 million people in Gaza are structurally imposed by deliberate deprivation policies.  In the recent publication  Red lines: Official document show Israel calculated Gaza food intake to avoid ‘humanitarian crisis’. This was not even news actually, for already in 2010 Main Stream Media buried the documents showing these policies of near starvation being buried.

Calming Sensations

The occupation, violence and deprivation  by Israel, imposed on Palestinians was already in 2009  described by Dr. Evan Kanter, a UW School of Medicine professor and the current president of Physicians for Social Responsibility: 91,4% of the children suffered symptoms of PTSD (Full report can be read at the Electronic Intifada)

“The breakdown of an entire society is happening in front of us,” Harvard political economist Sara Roy warned in July So keep rubbing the lies of with this shower gel, maybe the scent veils your ignorance but these facts remain.

Or let’s talk about the Chestnuts?

Of course this advertising campaign about ‘natural products’ does not reflect no reality at all about the environmental aspects of the word “Natural”. In Israel’s dictionary natural resources are prey. To steal, to sell, to loot or to destroy. As this research report shows, at the time of publication over 2.5 million trees (including olive trees) have been destroyed by Israel & settlers since 1967  Report, Page 31 (PDF)

You still feel fresh?

Sewage waste polluting the environment due to prohibiton of repairs or lack of electricity to operate aquifiers in Gaza

Well, the coming info might make you feel dirty even if you used a stock of Ahava shower gel.

In Palestine, water resources are stolen. 85% of Palestine’s natural water resources have been hijacked, destroyed or polluted deliberately. Over 95% of Gaza’s drinking water is contaminated even causing blue baby syndrome among young born. Even European funded water projects, paid with EU citizens tax payers money are demolished. For more facts see the special topic at this blog about water

Do not buy Ahava who promotes fresh feelings while Israel is depriving a whole nation of millions of people of a human right of  water and sanitation.

Access to safe water is a #fundamental human need and therefore a basic human right ~  Kofi Annan

Waterlelie en guarana micro-peeling
“Deze body cream wash is verrijkt met een unieke combinatie van waterlelie voor extra rust en de stimulatie van guarana. Het poeder van olijf- en abrikozenpitten is geschikt voor een milde, dagelijkse scrub.”

Dit is met recht een milde scrub te noemen in een lekkere romige substantie. De geur is wat meer citroenfrissiger dan de geur van de douchegel, maar alsnog heel prettig. Echt zo’n product om even lekker tijd voor jezelf te nemen, in te masseren en je lichaam (en geest) wakker te schudden.


Water lily and guarana micro-peeling

“This body cream wash is enriched with the unique combination of water lily for extra relaxation and stimulation by guarana. The powder of the olive- and abricot-seeds are efficient for a mild, daily scrub.”

This can rightfully be called a mild scrub in a creamy substance. The scent is a bit more lemon fresh than the scent of the shower gel, but although very pleasant. Really a product to take the time for yourself, to massage and to awaken your body (and mind).

Let’s Do That! Wake-up Call and you do NOT need Ahava for it!

In Palestine, Israel deploys many “showers” of chemicals which take care of different stages of “peeling”. Ranges go from regular skin rashes due to skunk, tear gas (not necessarily used for gas but also as killing projectile) sometimes mingled with white phosphorus, which is also used separately in attacks on Gaza, which peels about all. Not only skin but your flesh as well.

Last but not least depleted uranium.  Nuclear News covered an amount of 75 tons  of depleted uranium remained in Gaza’s soil. I might remember all, nuclear waste does not recognize borders, nor brands, nor Ahava. It’s all about happy rubbing ignorant people and the sales.

For a decent information leaflet does not come with Ahava, this overview of chemical and biochemical, nuclear and other deployed weaponry used by Israel on Palestinians can be read here: Israel’s weapons – A Crime on Humanity

You still enjoy your peeling after you watch children like this?

Not only Palestinians, the environment is polluted by the same chemicals. Endangering very form of life and causing a slow genocide.

Yes have a wake-up of your mind

If you dare, behold a year in photos of these weapons “showered” on Gaza, or behold in pictures where your stolen product comes from: No words needed. No stories, just watch. Israel occupying Palestine

The Olive

Olive trees burned by Israeli settlers

Without any shame Ahava exploits Palestine’s olive industry. In this fact sheet by UN OCHA a reality-check. This will clear up your mind very fast I assure you and it is free. You do not need to buy or beg for a sample: The PDF. Every year in crescendo, a war is declared on Palestinians farming their olives. For food, for making oil or other products which they sell to make an income. Recently the Israeli 972 Magazine wrote about this war on Olive Farmers. Settlers  “clearing” their malicious heads by beheading olive trees. Or stealing olives. A compilation of photography and videos also concerning attacks on the olives of Palestine can be seen here.

Lotusbloem en kastanje velvet bodylotion
“Deze voedende lotion is verrijkt met natuurlijke moisturizers en hydrateert de huid de hele dag door. De met vitamine overladen lotus & kastanje variant zorgt voor een ultrazachte en subtiel geparfumeerde huid.”

1. Die megazachte, schone linnen en vrouwelijke geur. 2. Een heerlijke substantie die de huid superzacht laat aanvoelen. Need I say more?


Lotus flower and Chestnut velvet body lotion

“This nutritious lotion is enriched with natural moisturizers and hydrates the skin all day long. This with vitamine loaded lotus and chestnut variant takes care for an ultr-soft and subtile perfumed skin.

1. The ultra-soft clean linen and female scent. 2. A delicious substance which makes the skin feel super soft. Do i need to say more?

Comment. Yes out of moral persepective you should have said and told more… real facts.

About nutrition? You mind about your skin while the same people whose resources get stolen to manufacture these luxureous ‘products’ are in famine and many suffer food insecurity.

As UNRWA recognized:  One quarter of Palestinian households in Israeli-controlled Area C are food insecure — 8 percent more than the West Bank average. Herders’ families in Area C (which covers more than 60 percent of the West Bank) are in a precarious situation, with 34 percent suffering from food insecurity. And while food insecurity stands at just under 30 percent in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip combined, the World Health Organization reported in May 2012 that 50 percent of infants and children under two in the West Bank and Gaza have iron deficiency anemia. According to the same WHO report, malnutrition and stunting in children under five “is not improving” and could actually be “deteriorating” (“Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory[PDF]).

While these products’ stolen vitamins are sold to ignorant customers, exploited by bigoted companies for profit, you should know Israel is even violating it’s obligations towards an acceptable policy of accessing and providing where necessary all (medical) aid, needs, medication and such on. As stated before, the vitamins do not care Israel. The aim is annihilation by slow deprivation. While International Law states:

  • Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention clearly establish that Israel, as the occupying power, not only has a duty to ensure medical supplies reach hospitals in the OPT, but to ensure and maintain the services of the hospitals too. As High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, other states not only have a moral duty but also a legal obligation to ensure Israel abides by its commitments to the protected population of the OPT.
  • UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, As a States Party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Israel is obliged under Article 24 of the treaty to recognise the right of every child under its effective jurisdiction “to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services”.

This does not only include care, or vitamins like in your alleged bottle of wellness. Israel even deprives new born and toddlers of vaccines deliberately and so endanger UN’s “parade horse” of decades of research and fieldwork to achieve Long and Healthy Lives

Not in Palestine. And surely not if you keep supporting apartheid and it’s atrocities by buying these stolen goods.

Deze 3 producten uit de Ahava mineral botanic lijn reinigen, scrubben en verzorgen je huid op een zachte en natuurlijke manier. De producten combineren gezonde mineralen uit de Dode Zee met voedende, organische plantenextracten voor een heerlijk momentje voor jezelf en een mooie huid. De producten bevatten geen SLS, SLES, parabenen of andere controversiële ingrediënten.

De set zoals ik hem hier laat zien is niet in deze formaten te koop. De fullsize verpakkingen zijn verkrijgbaar bij apotheken en diverse Ahava beautysalons. De douchegel kost €19,95 (500ml), de milde scrub kost €20,95 (500ml) en de bodylotion kost €25,95 (400ml). Met zulke grote verpakkingen kan je dan ook gelijk een lange tijd van je aankoopjes genieten.


These 3 products from the AHAVA mineral botanic line clean, scrub and feed your skin on a soft and natural way. The products combine healthy minerals from the Dead Sea with nutritional organic vegetal extracts for a delicious moment for yourself and a beautiful skin. The product do not include SLS, SLED, paraben or other controversial ingredients.

The set like I am showing here is not for sale in these sizes. The full size packages are available at pharamcies and several Ahava beautysalons. The showergel costs are  €19,95 (500ml),  mild scrub costs €20,95 (500ml) and the body lotion costs €25,95 (400ml) With such large packaging you can enjoy your purchases for a long time.


No controversial ingredients… As truth is in the eye of the beholder, the author of this add at Curvacious.nl should reconsider it’s perspective, even, regarding the facts stated as above, the promotion of this controversial brand in the whole. Or rename it’s site to Carnavicious.nl.

This seems more appropriate for this range of products is not only eating the flesh of the bones of Palestinians by famine, the sales fund those who do deploy controversial weapons to protect those who illegally take possession of what rightfully belongs to Palestine.

Again another example of Dutch ignorance towards the reality. previously the Dutch hosted a world expo on which Israel was even stating to end hunger in this world and   to be concerned as well as involved in agricultural and environmental development. To see how these lies were even written on the walls: Read about The Facade at the Floriade

If you want some real Palestinian beauty products: We recommend you Canaan Fair trade cosmetics. 100% honest. 100% fair. For a 100% really clean feeling!

For supporting apartheid makes one look ugly. Really ugly.

In the thread of the discussion @CurvaciousNL now not only seems to be removing criticism but starts demanding ‘evidence’ as well from human rights activists after their attempt to create awareness:



  • So shedding a light on something uncomfortable is incitement? Djee…
  • You really do not understand it, now you are twisting it. You could have send me an email with independant evidence, information etc.

Dear CurvaciousNL: As a lifestyle magazine editor you should be the one sourcing before you start promoting any brand or product. After you neglected to do so you can expect comments and criticism. Deleting those, or demanding evidence in public tweet threads merely and actually solely shows your own moral bankruptcy and bigotry.  It’s just another sign on the wall of very poor and bad investigative journalism. Even when it’s concerned a bottle of shower gel.


Since we published this post, Curvacious.nl has posted an update on it’s side, refuting any legal/moral technicalities.


They now link (not to this initial post) but to Stolenbeauty.org as mentioned below for true facts and resources.

Stolen Beauty is an initiative endorsed by an impressive list of organizational, clergy – and eucomenical organisations as well as several imminent human rights activists among whome are Normal Finkelstein and Alice Walker (For the full list of endorsements click here) .

Nevertheless CurvaciousNL keeps insisting Ahava is made on Israeli lands. This is a pertinent lie. For further questions Curvacious advices people to contact Ahava Conusmerservice.

This will not change nothing of the mentioned above, and definitly all not the reality and fact that Ahava is hiding the ugly truth—its products actually come from stolen Palestinian natural resources in the Occupied Territory of the Palestinian West Bank, and are produced in the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem in occupied Palestinian Territories.

Apparently CurvaciousNL want to make it’s bliss more embarrassing than it already became, for already in November 2009, their own  Dutch Foreign Minister agreed to launch an investigation into the conditions under which Ahava products are made to ascertain whether the company’s location and practices contravened international law and European Union labeling regulations (Source and Source).

But ignorance apparently rules among the cosmetic-lovers at @CurvaciousNL, stating this “attack” on their article is an emotional one, ignoring even facts that the at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine London Session in November, 2010, Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories was found to be complicit with Israel’s violations of international law.

Ahava is an occupation profiteer and as such is the subject of an international boycott campaign.

Update March 24, 2013

More resources here:
Russel Tribunal investigated AHAVA

Immediately after this announcement from the Dutch government back in 2009, the Israeli peace group Gush Shalom sent an open letter to Ahava’s management calling on them to “read the writing on the wall” and move the factory out of the Occupied West Bank
(Statement by Israeli peace group Gush Shalom) and (Coverage in Israeli media).

A must read regarding this matter written by Nancy Kricorian, AlterNet, July 22, 2009:
Israeli Cosmetic Company Is About to Learn It Can’t Cover Up Its Role in the Occupation

Report by B’Tselem

B’Tselem Report: Dispossession & Exploitation:

A Major report that highlights Ahava’s role and Israel’s policy in the Jordan Valley & northern Dead Sea. Download the report here and read the excerpt here

Israeli Civil Administration Report on the origin of Ahava mud (English)

Responding to a query from Who Profits, the Israeli Civil Administration confirmed that Ahava was granted a permit to excavate mud from the Occupied West Bank.

Click here to download PDF version.

Click to see full size letter

The Latest News


UN independent expert calls for boycott of businesses profiting from Israeli settlements

25 October 2012 – A United Nations independent expert (Prof. Em. Richard Falk)  today called on the world body’s General Assembly, as well as civil society, to take action against Israeli and international businesses that are profiting from Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.

“My main recommendation is that the businesses highlighted in the report – as well as the many other businesses that are profiting from the Israeli settlement enterprise – should be boycotted, until they bring their operations into line with international human rights and humanitarian law and standards,” the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, Richard Falk, said in a news release issued as he presented a report on his work to the Assembly.

Highlighting the activities of companies such as Caterpillar Incorporated of the United States, Veolia Environment of France, G4S of the United Kingdom, the Dexia Group of Belgium, Ahava of Israel, the Volvo Group of Sweden, the Riwal Holding Group of the Netherlands, Elbit Systems of Israel, Hewlett Packard of the USA, Mehadrin of Israel, Motorola of the USA, Assa Abloy of Sweden, and Cemex of Mexico, the Special Rapporteur noted that a wide range of Israeli and international businesses are involved in the establishment and maintenance of the Israeli settlements.

Read the full article at the UN News Center

As reported by online activists bigotry is an “infecting”  issue as well.  Beautynieuws.nl is also promoting Ahava cosmetics reporting there is a :

  • Time to Clean;
  • Time to Hydrate;
  • Time to Smooth;
  • Time to Revitalize; and now a …
  • Time to Comfort.

BeautyNieuws states in their twitterprofile to give independent, critical and honest information. We sincerely hope after they read this post they will review their advertising for the Ahava Brand. Otherwise we can add another time…

Regarding all the above we can conclude it’s absolute  about Time for Ein Ahava! (Hebrew for: No Love!)

Update Nov 9, 2012

#CurvaciousNL seems to have removed their “advertizement” for Ahava from the website as the link now displays this without any further notification or statement. We sincerely do hope the removal of their page is a choice made out of conscience and humanity.

If this choice was made in regard to humanitarian aspects as those for which we called on curvacious, we will be more than happy to publish such a statement as well on this page.

For now it looks like this:

As for Beautynieuws.nl their advertisement is still online. We wish them insight and wisdom to over-think this product review supporting apartheid imposed on Palestine.

For realistic coverage of news about the brand Ahava follow

More information at StolenBeauty.org

As the international boycott campaign continues to grow in size and influence, this “Setting the Record Straight” documents of the Stolen Beauty site to our reasoned and researched responses to false claims made by Ahava and its factually challenged supporters.

Press inquiries to Stolen Beauty may be directed to:

Nancy Kricorian, nancy [at] stolenbeauty.org, 646-234-8529 or
Rae Abileah, rae [at] codepink.org, 415-994-1723

Recent campaign press releases:

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