#VIDEO | Response to Abbas Concession of Right of Return – by @KawtherSalam

Kawther Salam | Nov 8, 2012

The Palestinian Association for the Right of Return in Germany (PARR) released yesterday a statement in which they condemned and strongly denounced the deplorable statement of Mahmoud Abbas at the zionist TV Channel 2, in which he talked about the issue of the Palestinian National Right of Return declaring his willingness to give up this right, which is guaranteed by all Palestinian laws and all relevant international accords. Read more.

From British/Arab Political TV Channel “Al Rae Al-Hor” (Free opnion)

Episode Title: “Palestinian President: I will not allow a third uprising or Intifada, and I renounce my right of return to Safed!!”

Guest of the episode at Al-Hiwar Channel in the UK is Dr. Ahmed Muheisen – writer and political analyst in Berlin.

See video below:


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