New album INTIFADA by @docjazzmusic now for sale at Palestine Online Store

Musical Intifada | Saturday, 10 November 2012 | by Dr. Tariq Shadid

If you have ever tried to buy Palestine-related items online, undoubtedly you have come across the well-known online retailer Palestine Online Store. In fact, it is the biggest and longest-standing of its kind, and the brain-child of Palestinian activist Haithem El-Zabri.

From a trading point of view, the website can be summed up as “Your One-Stop Palestine Shop”, or as the website itself has it, “Your source for all things Palestinian”. The variety of its products is endless. It ranges from things you can wear, to things you can read, to things you can view, to things you can listen to, and even extends to things you can eat! And on top of all that, Palestine Online Store is much more than just a shop. In fact, it is primarily an activist project. It fills a need that exists among those who support the Palestinian cause, and it is one of the few existing online places that fulfills this vital purpose. Considering its impressive variety of available items, it is no less than unique.

Doc Jazz music at the Palestine Online Store

Palestine Online Store is the only online place where you can obtain physical copies of all three existing albums of Doc Jazz: INTIFADA (2012), inSURGency (2008) and Front Door Key (2007). The reason why the albums are featured only there, is because it ensures that dollars you spend on these products go into support for our Palestinian cause, rather than being spent on anything else. Therefore, I will not draw your attention to the other existing ways to obtain a copy of the new album INTIFADA. Just take it from me, Palestine Online Store has the best price for you, and is a better place than any of those others to spend your money.

One thing that must be said about the album Front Door Key, is that it exists only in limited numbers, so if you don’t make sure that you buy one, the time is nearing when it will be impossible to obtain. The only place where it is offered for online sale is at the Palestine Online Store. If you think about it, there is a reason why the existence of mp3’s hasn’t made CD albums completely obsolete. Having an actual physical CD in your hands, and in your collection, is an experience that cannot be compared to having an mp3 stacked away somewhere between thousands of others on a hard disk. Nothing lasts forever, and at some point the time may come when you will say: I wish I had an album in my hands, to be one of those few across the globe who can say that they actually possess an album that was made available in only limited numbers. Keep that in mind when you check out this page on Palestine Online Store where you can find not only Front Door Key, but all three CD’s!

One-Stop Palestine Shop – for real

And, once you are there, prepare to be overwhelmed by the other Palestine-related products you can find in the shop. Of course, you want a REAL Kufiyeh, made in Palestine instead of China? Palestine Online Store is the only online place where you can place orders that will get you one from the last remaining Kufiyeh factory in Palestine, the Herbawi Textile Factory in Al Khalil (Hebron). The collection of Palestine-related films and videos is fantastic. When it comes to books, posters, cards, and other printed material, you will also find that the collection is unmatched by any other online retailer. Looking for solidarity items that you can take to your pro-Palestine demonstrations? No need to look any further. There is a variety of olive oil types, and no need to question it, that is the authentic Palestinian olive oil that you are looking for! Meramiye, Honey, Za’tar are in the website’s grocery collection. There is also a wonderful collection of Palestinian handcrafts. In fact, there is simply too much to describe. Just remember that in the online world, this place is truly your One-Stop Palestine Shop. Having ordered from Palestine Online Store myself, I can also vouch for its customer service and speedy and smooth delivery.

Check out the Palestine Online Store, and make sure you obtain one of these Doc Jazz albums for your collection. I am not making any money out of this myself. I just want to spread the message of our struggle, and one of the ways I do this is through music. One of the ways I offer this music is by creating physical albums that you can give to someone on his birthday, put in your car’s CD player, or advise someone else to obtain. And for the reasons I mentioned above, if you should be so inclined to go ahead and purchase one, I would like you to get these from the Palestine Online Store.

Doc Jazz

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