#WestBankUnderAttack | Evictions | Broad evacuations in the Jordan Valley with the start of military maneuvers

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[ PIC 11/11/2012 – 07:43 PM ]

TUBAS, (PIC)– The Bedouin areas and hamlets in the Wadi al-Maleh and in the east of Tubas have been witnessing broad evacuations and forced displacement, this morning, with the launch of Israeli military maneuvers in the region.

The Israeli occupation claimed that the military maneuvers will continue in the region for two days.

Local sources told PIC’s correspondent that the last deportations took place last night in Khirbet Abazik, to the east of Tubas. The Israeli occupation forces stormed the area and warned twenty families of its residents to leave their houses under the pretext that military exercises will be carried out on Sunday and Monday in the region.

The Israeli occupation forces had also notified the residents of Wadi al-Hilweh, al-Farsia, al-Mayta and Khirbet Jabaris to leave their lands under the pretext of the maneuvers.

The occupation forces started deploying their camps in the Northern Jordan Valley, claiming that those areas are military zones and areas for military trainings.

Many Palestinians have been injured as a result of the occupation’s maneuvers.

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