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Sayyed Nasrallah: Gaza Battle Everyone’s Battle

Sara Taha Moughnieh
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah assured in a speech he delivered on the first night of Ashura in Sayyed Al-Shuhadaa complex in the southern suburb of Beirut that “we in Lebanon are concerned to follow up the events in Gaza, because this is not only the battle of Gaza but of all of us”.

His eminence primarily condemned the assassination of Al-Qassam Brigades Field Commander Ahmed Al-Jaabari and presented condolences and congratulations to the Palestinian people for the martyrdom of this “great leader” and the Palestinians who were killed in Israel’s attacks.

Sayyed Nasrallah called for putting all efforts to end the aggression against Gaza, indicating that “we stand before a confrontation between blood and sword, and just like blood was able to triumph over sword, we ask Allah that this turns into a new victory and a new epic achieved by the resistance fighters and their supporters.”

He called on Arabs, Muslims, and all the free people in the world to take a real stance with Gaza and the resistance, putting hope in the firmness and will of the people and resistance there, and indicating that “hitting Tel Aviv with Fajr-5 reveals the wisdom, courage, capability, and firmness of the Palestinian resistance”.

Hezbollah secretary general pointed out that “a serious stance by the Arab and Islamic countries, as well as the Arab League and the Islamic Cooperation Organization would stop the aggression,” assuring that “these countries are able to force America to force Israel to stop its aggression on Gaza”.

Sayyed Nasrallah further said that “what happened in Gaza came to expose the American stance that attempted to deceive the Arab people,” adding that “in the past few years, significant people in the Arab world started portraying America as a supporter to the oppressed ones, which made people to appreciate its stances.”

“However, the blood of the martyrs, women, and children in Gaza came to reveal the real American and Western face in approaching the developments. Since the first hour, America came out to express its support for Israel’s right to defend itself, and similar was the French and British stance, which indicates that these don’t care for standards or for defending freedom, but rather for their own benefits,” he added.

From here, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that “the Arab-Israeli conflict witnessed a great development after missiles hit Tel Aviv and the enemy acknowledged them,” and indicated that “the goals that the enemy announced reveal that it had learned from July 2006 war and the 2008 war on Gaza”.

“In both wars, he failed to achieve the high goals he announced, and this was dubbed a failure. Today, Israel put lower goals, so whatever Netanyahu did, he could claim that he succeeded. This is a hidden recognition that the resistance in Gaza was able to impose a certain deterrence power,” he said.

“The Israeli said it wants to cause the greatest damage to the Palestinian resistance’s structure, but would it succeed in that? This will appear in the coming days.”

Sayyed Nasrallah added that “like always, the enemy resorted to deception, and implied a couple of days ago that it was moving towards pacification. After this atmosphere was spread, it ambushed this jihadi leader and killed him. This is the nature of the enemy; who could trust it after all these practices?”

“We notice that the enemy does not need a pretext for war and aggression, and when the enemy’s government has an electoral, political, or security advantage, it initiates a war. It neither needs a Palestinian, nor a Lebanese act to do so.”

Concluding this part of his speech, his eminence indicated that Israel is making use of the regional developments, and the Syrian crisis in specific to wage its war, noting that the Zionist entity took advantage of substituting enemies with friends in the region, and considered this a chance to hit Gaza.

Moving to the occasion that will be revived in Lebanon and the Islamic World ,Sayyed Nasrallah warned that “this year Ashura comes in a period of sectarian tension in Lebanon, and media will overstate any little individal mistake.”

Sayyed Nasrallah asked his supporters to deal responsibly, and to avoid any act that could ignite the situation.

He addressed the Sunni Muslims saying: ” Any Sunni person who thinks that we are targeting him by reviving Ashura is mistaken. We are here mourning the prophet’s grandson Al-Hussein (as) and the significance of this person is common among all Muslim sects.”

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