European Network condemns the re-arrest of Palestinian MPs

[ PIC 24/11/2012 – 10:03 AM ]

OSLO, (PIC)– The European Network for the Defense of the Palestinian prisoners’ rights (UFree) strongly condemned the re-arrest of MPs by the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank.

The IOF troops carried out at dawn Friday a campaign of mass arrests in the West Bank that included five Palestinian MPs.

UFree revealed that the campaign of arrests carried out by the occupation authorities in the occupied West Bank has been escalating day by day.

It pointed out that during the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, IOF soldiers arrested about 190 citizens in different parts of the West Bank, and following the announcement of the halt of aggression, the Israeli forces arrested 55 citizens, including university professors, school teachers, university students and liberated prisoners.

The head of the European Network, Mohammed Hamdan, expressed his fear of the growing detention campaigns in the coming days, especially after the IOF failure to achieve its objectives during the last aggression on the Strip.

Hamdan explained that the re-arrest of the MPs as well as the growing and ongoing campaigns of arrests in the West Bank after the cessation of the aggression against Gaza, prove the failure and the political confusion the occupation is going through.

He urged the European Network, the European Parliament, and all European parliamentarians to intervene and pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to immediately release the kidnapped MPs.

He also called on the UN Human Rights Council to monitor the human rights recurrent and serious abuses committed by Israel.

For his part, Rafat Nasif, a member of the political leadership of Hamas movement, asserted that these arrests will not intimidate the movement and will not stop the resistance.

He stressed in a press statement that the real solidarity and unity between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip require that the PA in the West Bank halts the political arrests and summonses and immediately releases all the political detainees from its jails.

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