UK Blackmail on UN bid: Thou forgave “Israel”? I hereby dub thee Exterminatus. Arise Palestine!

Nov 26, 2012 ~ by occpal

OK… let’s cut this short, this is not some dubbing of the knighting of Sir Lancelot by the British Monarch, but the colonial arrogance of the British Colonial Empire aided by the zionist lobby which seems to result in the most Orwellian headlines….

It was covered by guardian:

I kid you not it states:

“Mahmoud Abbas pledge not to pursue Israel for war crimes and resumption of peace talks are UK conditions”

So let’s pretend we’re talking post WWII and Churchill says to Israel:

“Common lads. Let’s forget this bloody Shoah and we use our time playing some jolly cricket in stead of those nasty Nuremberg trials.”

Does that sound good to you?

No it doesn’t.

Neither does this demand. It’s delusional and offensive to all who lost their lives during the Nakba (1) , in which 800.000 of which 100.000 Christian (2) Palestinian people where expelled from their homeland.

Nor of the millions died after it started due to the endless massacres since 1948 (3) on Palestinian people which go on, even as we speak.

Just after another of the massacres committed by Israel codenamed “Pillar of Cloud” (4) in which over 180 people died. 42% of the dead are women, children, and elderly, who also make up 59% of the almost 2000  injured. Aside women, children and civilians (5) the press also has been deliberately targeted.

A genuine war declared on media which even killed journalists or mutilated several for life. So you won’t know, nor sea, nor hear the truth.

And especially not from the BBC or the guardian. (6a)
Lucky not all media are impressed nor succumb to Israel’s threats.  (6b)

Solely in the latest assault Israel caused damage which economic cost is estimated at $1.2billion. Destructing:  8,000 houses, 200 residential buildings, 43 government offices and three mosques – total worth of $545million, not even to mention the priceless cost of human misery of those who are left behind and still are imprisoned in world’s largest concentration camp WWII “Warsaw ghetto style 2012”: Gaza.  (7)

1.7 Million human beings.

While the same guardian is almost lyrical hailing the so called cease-fire, this same fake truce has been violated 7 times (8) at the time of writing this very post.

You won’t read that neither in the guardian dear Brits and World Citizens. For Israel and it’s lobby pushes literally every button to eliminate, alternate or delete truth, or those who dare to speak so. So you won’t know. Pushing buttons. Literally from tweeting until termination. (9)

What  mainstream media forgot to tell you…

It is not the body-count nor the rocket-count  you should care about. Main stream media is whoring their conscience around and reduced their investigative skills to the field where it states: “Employee Benefits”. Never minding the facts it is not about the self fulfilling prophecy of “Israel” to distract you with a body count of direct violence. Forget that. You get the bias, not the facts. No graphs not statistics about the real weapon of Israel’s mass destruction is Deprivation. By all means.

Most of you don’t even have the slightest clue of the real cost of human lives through history resulting from excess death. (10)

Genocide by diet

A malnutrioned Palestinian toddler… Israel has a strict calculating policies even on how many calories pro head enter Gaza, enough to starve them slowly…

The same media are involved in silencing such.  Like: The media complicity in burying documents exposing deliberate near-starvation policies Israel deploys on Gaza. (11)

Just recently resulted in exposure of the whole scam by the release of the report “Red Lines” which gave new details about the old policy, while the current policy remains shrouded in secrecy. (12)

The official spokespersons tweeted  on Nov 26, 2012: “Yesterday, we helped transfer 143 trucks with 3,330 tons of goods & gas into Gaza, including 5 tons of medical supplies & 480 tons of fruit.”

A bit of counting  results in 256 grams per head in Gaza. After being sealed of for an 8 day assault and of course, far within the borders of the red lines.  But who cares or counts. It’s all about ‘style’ when committing hasbara (propaganda): “we helped transfer” and surely adapting their excel sheets with the death-count to reduce the calories-limit to unilateral agreed levels.

Genocide by withholding or obstructing medical aid

Deprivation of the human rights to medical care, killing thousands a year.  A genocide by proxy. (13) A flagrant violation of an occupiers obligation as stated in Article 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, stating clearly that Israel, as the occupying power, not only has a  the duty to ensure medical supplies, enable access to hospitals in the OPT, but to ensure and maintain the services of theses hospitals too.

As High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, other states not only have a moral duty but also a legal obligation to ensure Israel abides by its commitments to the protected population of the OPT.

Duly noted.

Yet no one of the members nor the Sec General intervened when during last assault even ambulances and hospitals and their proximity were targeted. Nor when ambulance workers were prohibited to pick up remains of their people in the border zone in their own Gaza.

Not even to mention the violation of  the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. 

Nov 18 2012 Gaza Under Attack – The Al Dalou family Massacre

As a States Party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Israel is obliged under Article 24 of the treaty to recognize the right of every child under its effective jurisdiction “to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment  of illness and rehabilitation of health.

States Parties (again?) shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services”. Well.  On the right you can behold how the States Parties achievements result.

Nor did the guarding not waste an inch of paper on the names of the over 1477 assassinated children only since the year 2000. We remember their names, and the hands by whom and which crimes they died of.  (14)

Genocide by deliberate environmental caused damage

A Palestinian boy cries as he arrives at his home after walking through puddles in Shati refugee camp in Gaza Feb. 9, 2012. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Israel is structurally damaging, destroying or if no pretext available to do such: Infrastructure to ensure maximum impact to increase health hazards. 95% of Gaza’s water is unfit to drink and such is known by the United Nations and it’s honorable members like UK as well. Causing water borne diseases, blue baby syndrome and death.

If such is not evil enough, Israel is even frequently flooding it’s damns and waste water on Gaza. Collective punishment and poisoning of 1,7 million people. (15)

Or by targeting, partly or entirely destructing electricity plants. Or just denying entry of fuel. Obstructing or limiting also all electricity dependent machinery like acquifiers, sewage pumps and all imaginable electronics.

A doctor checks vital signs of haneen Tafish by light of his mobile phone in Al Shifa hospital, Gaza City, November 15, 2012. Haneen Tafish eventually died from her injuries. (Photo: Anne Paq/

Even in hospitals.

Life sustaining machines, breathing apparatuses, incubators, surgery, dialysis and much more.

Up to the point doctors in hospitals have to use their mobile phone to check the wounded’s pupils on signs of life. Does the proposal of UK also include the clemency for the crimes committed during the 2008-2009 war in the whole, including the total depletion of anesthesia resulting in surgeons even in need to amputate limbs without any sedation? Or not even being able to stitch as no needles or threads available? (16)

Does the “General Pardon” of UK also included the dismissal of 1500 deaths of which 352 children in the Cast Lead massacre, Slayed in a time span of only 22 days? (17)

Genocide by targeting the lifelines: Tunnels

Where in World War II, Jewish people in Warsaw ghetto used to smuggle to survive the same deprivation Israel denies Gaza to do the very same. Smugglers bring in 2/3 of the basic human needs required to survive in Gaza. Yet starvation policies of simply sealing of the coast, even targeting the fishermen on sea to prohibit they bring in eatable fish is not enough.

The tunnels are bombed as well. To suffocate an already starving people 1.7 million people to the maximum. (18)

The oppressed came the oppressors. The Jewish people, of which 1 in 6, so 1 million died due to the same deprivation policies. At the time and onto this day, the resistance fighter of the Warsaw camp where called ‘heroic’ (19) for their steadfastness and smuggling food and weapons to reduce death.  For who forgot history or did not attend the class:

Watch: The “Evidence of What The Nazis Did To The Jews In Warsaw” (20)

For who does not see the repulsive similarity between Nazi Germany and 2012 Zionism should behold these pictures before reading any further. For HaShoah (The Holocaust) and the genocide on Jewish people looks – and in reality – results in exactly the same crimes on humanity as Al Nakba (The Catastrophe) The Palestinian Genocide (21)

Watch: The Evidence of What the Zionists Do to the Palestinians in Gaza (22)

Can you forgive this?

Genocide by UN & NGO’s Complicity

And while this world and the media stays silent, the ‘States Parties’ latent, Amnesty International states:

When the dust has settled and a truce established, there must be accountability for the suspected violations of international humanitarian and human rights law that have taken place and mechanisms – such as independent monitors – need to be put in place now to prepare for that day.

King David Hotel Bombing by zionist terror gangs. 1946

While Israel kills on,  by the very same violations of humanitarian needs and rights like is has been doing since 1946. Yes you read that right, 1946 even before any establishment of Israel itself it’s terrorist organizations plant bombs in the King David Hotel, killing 91 innocent people. (23)

The same NGO’s rather busy like the Parties Members of the United Nations itself, merely in producing reports. 64 years of reports. 64 years of tents. 64 years of sacks of food and 64 years of complicity in sustaining the ongoing genocide and violations of literally every fundamental human(itarian) law and right. Throwing in a summer camp here and there for that looks so cool in the media. (24)

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak, right, meets with British Foreign Secretary William Hague, left, at the Defense ministry in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010. (AP Photo/Ahikam Seri, Pool)

On Sept 16, 2011 British courtesy towards Israel’s war-criminals even went boldly where no state has gone before:  At that day Israel was overjoyed at the fact that the British government has passed legislation “curtailing citizens’ rights to seek the arrest of foreign politicians for alleged war crimes.”

Israel had stopped sending its representatives to the UK out of fear that they would be tried for war crimes. The passing of this legislation signals to Israel and the world that Britain is entirely fine with giving war criminals, in the words of Amnesty International, “‘a free ticket to escape the law.’”(25)

Let’s not forget the whole misery started by English mingling in in the first place with Lord Balfour’s declaration (26)

And all the members of the so called United Nations beholding and enduring this “patiently’ for over 64 years need to be reminded:

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” ~ Desmond Tutu

But who cares again, and certainly you if you do not know. When media keep counting rockets for you and act like the revived Nazi propaganda machine turning ‘on service’ as soon as Israel feels the need to attack to broadcast zionist hasbara and commit Goebbels style  ‘Gleichschaltung’ as it seems this world main stream media is under totalitarian control of the war-criminals itself.

Gleichschaltung: In full “coordination” media is twisting reports into “making the same” and “bringing them into line” with the falsified facts of the Israeli regime. (27)

Not only rockets count

INFOGRAPHIC TIMELINE ISRAEL – GAZA attacks (Esp notice election dates in relation to Israeli attacks and escalation) – Click to enlarge

And that is what media does. Counting the rockets for you. As no other weapon of Israel kills as much as it’s own launches of resistance rockets into main stream media.

Causing your nausea, feeding your fear, justifying retaliation where the retaliation only starts counting at morning’s briefing of the chief in command.

To start with the fact that alleged 12.000 resistance rockets killed only 24 Israeli in 11 years in total.

According to B’Tselem Israel killed in the same period of 11 years: From 2001 – Sept 2012: 4705 Palestinians of which approx. 1000 children in Gaza only. By violence. Again I reiterate this is the body-count Israel wants y ou to behold, and to forget all the others silenced by proxy-policies leading to death.

More important, that Palestine’s resistance is only deploying rockets to start with since the year 2001.

Never minding how many Palestinians died before of clueless attacks and extrajudicial executions as per date Dec 2011 over 825 assassinations without any trial or accusation, for the sake of Israel’s alleged security threat which constitute a severe breach of literally all rights, laws, even regarding occupation, war and armed conflict itself.

All facts, summarized and debunking the Israeli “Rocket from Gaza Myth” (28)

Weapons granting death-sentence years after

Palestinian Mother & Cancer Patient, like many suffering from Cancer in Gaza, denied treatment and endure violations of Human Rights to receive proper care due to Israel's cruel blockade of Gaza

Palestinian Cancer Patient, like many suffering from Cancer in Gaza, denied treatment and endure violations of Human Rights to receive proper care due to Israel’s cruel blockade of Gaza

Media keeping  you ignorant, distorting factual information to prevent you from making up an opinion for yourselves, also silences the disproportional use of Israel’s banned weaponry. (29)

Form incendiary bombs, white phosphorus, DIME, by US and UK funded bunker busters even carrying depleted uranium causing cancer. . Depleted uranium, not only killing on impact but far after that as well by causing cancer which constitutes in a death sentence in Gaza.

Or preventing, life to start before it get’s any chance by causing birth-defects.

Shoot them, kill them, starve them and if that is not enough to annihilate Palestinians in Gaza; Give them Cancer (30)

And when they suffer of lack of medical supplies, even deny those already inflicted by such a disease access to medical facilities where they would be able to require such treatment.

If you do not understand the death rates due to deprivation, nor the deliberate policies of Israel to kill by proxy and diseases, you should meet Baby Firas from Gaza (31)

The Media Battle is Over

Twitter Warzone: Israel losing the battle of words

It’s over mainstream. We, the collective of humanitarian social remains of this sick society are taking over the reporting from now.

No it’s not in a hash-tag. It’s not that Israel is loosing a battle of words. (32)

It because this long forsaken truth is prevailing and every day, more and more people are opening their eyes and even are in shock recognizing their own media which they dearly pay for coverage, just is keeping them plain stupid.

Of course Israel has a major role in this as this whole hype about the media war – for me personally- is a  not such a surprise at all. It was Israel itself for decades now deploying and pouring in millions of dollars to profile it’s victim-hood and polish up the profiles.

Israel surprised and shocked this world with the declaration of this war on Gaza on twitter, while it declared a web war already a long time ago to extend the lifetime of it’s carefully build up propaganda (33)

“Make the Lie big, keep it simple, and keep repeating it until everyone believes it” ~ Joseph Goebbels.

Well one thing is for sure:  Goebbels lies didn’t last.  Nor  will Israel’s lies last. The truth will prevail and whenever and where-ever the main stream media neglects to cover truth and facts, people like us will fill in this gaps also without getting paid 92$ an hour like Israel pays it’s recruits to spread their propaganda.

Truth is free. Always has been and you only need to open your eyes. And do not let them insult your intelligence by eating pre-chewed propaganda without checking it. So you won’t say afterwards (again) : “We didn’t know

Responsibility for human life, no matter which race, skin color or religion is in all our hands and everyone should act knowing, such is in danger or inalienable rights are raped in a way which has never been silenced nor witnessed in history before.

What’s next at the UN?

‘Judith Beheading Holofernes’ Painting in oil by Artemisia Gentileschi Date: c.1612 “This is a rare depiction of something other paintings ignore: the fight that Holofernes may or may not have put up when he was being murdered. Here, in the moment of dying, he presses his right hand up against his assailant, attempting to fight her off. Judith’s body seems to flinch away – from Holofernes? or from what she is doing?” Bible reference: Judith 13:8

Some history:

In the deutero-canonical Book of Judith Holofernes ( הולופרנס) was an invading general of Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar dispatched Holofernes to take vengeance on the nations of the west that had withheld their assistance to his reign.

Holofernes occupied all the nations along the sea coast and destroyed all the gods of the nations, so that all nations would worship Nebuchadnezzar alone.

Holofernes was warned by Achior, the leader of the children of Ammon, against attacking the Jewish people. Holofernes and his followers were angered by Achior. They rebuked him, insisting that there was no god other than Nebuchadnezzar.

Israel dispatched it’s warriors, the army, their naval forces, their air force,  pulling all strings like Holofernus. But most important their hasbara machine & cohorts. So no one will be worshiped than Israel. Silencing all those who refutes their quest for the Greater Israel.  It is not, looking for peace, nor talks. (34)

The sword with which Palestine is expecting to be knighted to an imaginary symbolic state of observer, should be pointed at the falsehood of the zionist state itself. For even the scriptures proven that one like Holofernus will not survive. He was warned, like many true Jews warned and daily fight Israel now for it’s zionist quest of dominion.

The sword, should not be dubbing Palestine to a elevated state with an empty meaning. It should behead all lies.

For once and always. For only as one nation of mankind we will survive this never relenting state which is persuing, much more than you comprehend, costing you dearly as well. Human rights are supposed to serve all human life. Not excluding a selection by a veto of those who already violated so many of them.

At the UN, before any vote including human rights and especially lives, they should display a huge neon sign stating:

THIS VETO WILL COST {fill in number of} LIVES

No crime on mankind like the Palestinian Genocide can be forgiven as bribe for a vote for another false statehood without any assurances whatsoever. Israel, already build on the blood and lands of Palestinians belongs to it’s people. And every second you don’t act, there will remain less, and every moment of the day, lives are taken. Violent or by indirect violence. And this has to stop. There is no forgiveness for those who stay silent & complicit.

It is time, to co-resist!


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