The liberated prisoner Khadr Sarkaji in PA solitary confinement since 70 days

[ PIC 29/11/2012 – 12:10 PM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– The Arab Organisation for Human Rights (AOHR) in the UK stated that they received a complaint letter from the liberated prisoner Khadr Sarkaji’s family stating that their son is held in solitary confinement since his arrest in 23 September 2012 by PA security services, appealing to all human rights institutions to save the life of their son.

The organization said in a statement that Khader, a father of 3 children, was arrested previously by the occupation forces several times, most recently in 2008, where he spent nearly four years, noting that a week after his release PA preventive Security apparatus started summoning and interrogating him intermittently until the date of his arrest.

The family emphasized that the liberated prisoner’s health condition has deteriorated where he lost 15 kg because of systematic psychological torture against him and the intensive interrogation conducted with him at night until the early morning hours.

The liberated prisoner’s family called on the AOHR Arab to “immediately release Khadr Sarkaji and to hold President Mahmoud Abbas full responsibility for his safety.”

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