MP Abu Teir: Israel works day and night to Judaize O. Jerusalem

[ PIC 04/12/2012 – 12:04 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Palestinian lawmaker Mohamed Abu Teir said the Israeli occupation regime and its municipal council in occupied Jerusalem work day and night on Judaizing the Arab and Islamic identity and monuments of the holy city.

In a press statement to Quds Press, MP Abu Teir, one of the Jerusalemite lawmakers exiled to Ramallah city, added that the Israeli regime is tirelessly working on falsifying the history of Jerusalem in order to serve its Judaization projects and fictitious ideas and claim it has a right to the land and holy sites.

“Despite all these variables and Zionist measures, the Arabs and the Muslims are in their deep sleep not lifting a finger to stop any of these Judaization schemes and projects,” the lawmaker censured.

“Jerusalem with its holy sites and its history is not only Palestinian, but it is an Arab and Islamic city as well, and no one is absolved from protecting it because it is common responsibility that should drive everyone to guard it against fraud and Judaization campaigns that target its history and its Arab and Islamic genuineness,” he emphasized.

He also urged the Arab and Muslim countries to assume their responsibilities in this regard and take action against Israel’s violations in Jerusalem.

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