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“I am proud to be part of this army of tweeps,” said activist Ola Anan as she addressed around 80 young Gazans in Shalehat resort, Gaza City. They had gathered to discuss their efforts in the social media war with Israel during Operation Pillar of Defense – the recent eight-day Israeli offensive on the Palestinian territory.

As Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with F16 missiles, shells and drone strikes, and Palestinian fighters targeted Israeli cities with rockets, a parallel battle of information and narrative was taking place online.

It was fought with a barrage of personal experiences, photographs and links to footage shared across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and personal blogs.

Maram Humaid, 21, began tweeting in French during the offensive in order to directly convey what was happening in Gaza to the francophone world because few Gazans speak French. She prefers Twitter as a “more effective and open alternative to…

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