#Hamas25 | Many delegations arrive to Gaza to attend anniversary of the launch of Hamas

[ PIC 07/12/2012 – 02:14 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Delegations from many Arab, Islamic and international countries arrived to the Gaza Strip to attend the anniversary of the launch of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas.

The delegations include scholars, journalists, politicians, public opinion leaders, peace activists and Arab as well as foreign citizens, who came to attend the festival of the 25th anniversary of launching Hamas and which coincides with the victory achieved by the movement and the Palestinian people in the battle of “Shale stones” a few days ago.

PIC’s reporter said that the hotels in Gaza are overcrowded and not able to accommodate the delegations that have continued to reach Gaza, which pushed some Palestinians from the Strip to host people they know in their houses.

Meanwhile, two other delegations from Kuwait and Turkey have arrived to the Gaza Strip, on Thursday evening via the Rafah crossing.

Sources at the crossing told PIC’s correspondent that the Kuwaiti delegation was composed of 19 solidarity activists while the Turkish delegation comprised 8 solidarity activists, pointing out that a number of officials had arrived to Gaza in order to receive and welcome the two delegations.

The security sources at the crossing told PIC’s correspondent that the wife of Khaled Meshaal arrived in Gaza, on Thursday evening via the Rafah crossing, accompanied by 14 members of her family.

Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas political bureau, arrived in Gaza Friday afternoon where he was received by the Prime Minister, Ismail Haneyya accompanied by government officials, faction representatives and dignitaries at the Rafah border crossing.



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