Prisoners’ center: Situation in prisons is deteriorating

[ PIC 08/12/2012 – 03:29 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian prisoners’ center for studies affirmed that the situation in the Israeli prisons has been deteriorating as a result of the prison administrations’ oppressive and criminal policies against them.

The director of the center, Riad al-Ashqar, stated that prisoners have been discussing taking escalatory steps against the prison administrations’ practices, particularly against the negligence of demands of hunger striking prisoners, as Ayman Sharawna and Samer Isawi whose health conditions have seriously deteriorated due to the continuation of their hunger strike for more than five months.

He added that the prisoners also expressed their rejection of the Israeli occupation forces’ repeated break-ins in the prisons’ sections and rooms, during which they assault the prisoners, and demanded an immediate end to such measures.

Ashqar noted that the captives had waged a one-day hunger strike twice, during the past two weeks, as a cautionary step, in solidarity with the hunger strikers and the patient prisoners who have been suffering as a result of the prison administrations’ deliberate medical neglect.

The head of the senior leadership of Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails captive Abbas al-Sayed had previously announced the launch of an open hunger strike in solidarity with the striking captives; Sharawna and Issawi, which warns that the prisons will be witnessing difficult conditions.

Ashqar said that the occupation has escalated during the last week its violations against the prisoners; as it attacked one of the captive movement’s leaders prisoner Jamal al-Hour, after storming Section 11 in Nafha prison and carrying out strip searches against the prisoners.

The prison administration in Beersheba prison has also isolated the captive Sheikh Jamal Abul Heija, while the prisoners refused meals as a first step to protest his isolation, continued Ashqar.

The Palestinian prisoners’ center warned of the repercussions of such provocative practices, and held the occupation fully responsible for the consequences of its procedures.

The center urged the Egyptian sponsor to intervene to help the prisoners and to force Israeli authorities to implement the terms of the agreement which has been signed following the prisoners’ mass hunger strike last April under Egyptian auspices.

It also called on the Palestinian people to intensify activities in support of the captives.

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