Araqib village razed for the 45th time

At 3 am this morning, the IOF raided Addameer's offices in Ramallah and damaged the office, confiscated computers, a hard drive and a video camera.الساعة الثالثة صباحا اقتحمت قوات الاحتلال مؤسسه الضمير وعاثت فسادا و قامت بتكسير المكتبBREAKING | ISRAEL RAIDED AND RANSACKED THE OFFICE OF ADDAMEER HUMAN RIGHTS AND PRISONER SUPPORT ASSOCIATION AND COMMITTED IN A BLATANT VIOLATION PIRACY ON AN NGO’S RECORDS | Read more

[ PIC 11/12/2012 – 12:51 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The Israeli authorities razed the Araqib village in the Negev desert for the 45th time running claiming that the houses were built without permit.

Palestinian sources said that Israeli soldiers stormed the village and used military bulldozers to destroy installations and houses of the village that is systematically targeted.

They said that the soldiers assaulted the citizens who refused to evict their homes and arrested one of them.

The sources said that the soldiers withdrew from the village after finishing their job.

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