Ashqar: TV program about Yassin’s assassination reflects Israeli bankruptcy

[ 12/12/2012 – 12:28 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The MP for Hamas Movement, Ismail al-Ashqar, said that the airing of a TV program about the assassination of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, more than eight years ago, proves Israeli bankruptcy and promises and early demise of the usurping entity.

“This can only prove the extent of degradation of the illegitimate Hebrew state, whose political and military leaders stooped to the assassination of a chair-bound elderly man,” Ashqar said commenting on an Israeli television program about the assassination of Sheikh Yassin.

Concerning Israel’s objective behind airing a program detailing the planning for the assassination of Sheikh Yassin; Ashqar said: “This is a state that has been living on lies and illusionary heroism and is trying to show that it is capable of assassinating the leaders and icons of Hamas.”

He added that this was a form of muscle flexing which shows Israeli society to be a blood-thirsty one and proves that political assassination is part of the Zionist ideology, “which portends an early demise of this deformed entity,” because “societies established on injustice, oppression of peoples and bloodshed cannot survive.”

The Israeli Channel 10 TV aired a lengthy investigation about the operation of Sheikh Yassin’s assassination, trying to showing that it was a complex intelligence and military operation that required great skills.

The details of the assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and a number of other Hamas leaders were revealed for the first time.

Israeli occupation had targeted Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in March 22nd, 2004, as he left a mosque near his house after dawn prayers. He was killed with nine other Palestinians by the Israeli occupation airforce.



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