Jihad movement calls for national unity and resistance against the occupation

[ PIC 11/12/2012 – 09:33 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Member of the political bureau of the Islamic Jihad movement, Mohammed al-Hindi, called for a resistance and political unity in light of a Palestinian reality that would witness other conflicts.

“We must unite the political with the resistant, because the political success would only achieved with the gun,”

Al-Hindi said during a meeting on Tuesday morning with a group of Arab lawyers headed by Chairman of the Arab Lawyers union Omar Zein.

“We are not a party in the division, and we do not have any ambition to be represented in any of the coming governments, but we will work to resolve the Palestinian problem to achieve Palestinian unity,” he added.

He called to use the recent victory of the resistance to achieve unity, pointing out to the recent positive statements of the Palestinian factions in favor of the national unity.

Al-Hindi called on the lawyers union to reveal and prosecute the Israeli crimes in international forums.

For his part, Zein stressed on the need for Palestinian unity in light of the growing Israeli pressures on the Palestinian people in general and the in Gaza in particular .

The Palestinian unity is the only way to defeat the Israeli occupation and the only salvation from the Israeli ravages and the guarantor for the Liberation of Palestine to achieve new victories in the next stages, Zein added.

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