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[ PIC 19/12/2012 – 09:37 PM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– The PA security apparatuses arrested a Hamas leader in Tulkarem and a journalist in Ramallah, and summoned a liberated captive from al-Khalil for questioning and interrogation.

The preventive security apparatus re-arrested in Tulkarem the leader Sheikh Adnan al-Housari less than 12 hours after his release from its prisons, sources from the city said.

It also summoned in al-Khalil the liberated captive and former political prisoner Raed Sharbati for interrogation.

The Preventive Security Service arrested the journalist and Al-Aqsa TV cameraman Ahmed al-Khasib, 25, after storming his house in Beitunia in the Ramallah governorate, on Tuesday afternoon.

Eyewitnesses told PIC’s reporter that a force of the Preventive Security raided the house of al-Khatib, and searched it, then confiscated a set of tapes, before transferring Ahmed to an unknown destination.

Ahmed was arrested by the PA security apparatuses several times, and he had also served eight months in the occupation jails.

Al Aqsa TV condemned the arrest of one of its cadres by the PA security apparatus, and demanded to immediately release him, as such arrests disturb the atmosphere of reconciliation.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces arrested yesterday morning two ex-political prisoners liberated from the PA’s apparatuses in the city of al-Khalil.

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