EMOHR calls for the relief of Palestinians in the Yarmouk and Dar’a refugee camp

[ Palestinian Information Center 20/12/2012 – 06:20 PM ]


GENEVA, (PIC)– The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights (EMOHR) called for providing protection and emergency relief to Palestinian refugees in the refugee camps of Syria, especially after the military escalation against it by regime forces.

EMOHR said in a statement on Thursday that hundreds of families were forced by the clashes to leave the camp and to flee towards the Syrian borders with Lebanon and Jordan.

He added that the Palestinian refugees displaced to Lebanon, about two thousand refugees, suffer from clear neglect by UNRWA, where they were not provided with housing, food, and medical care.

The Observatory called on UNRWA and UN agencies to provide immediate relief to the Palestinian refugees who fled their homes in search of a safe haven.

In the same context, the Observatory stressed the importance of tracking international condemnation to the shelling by the Syrian regime of the Palestinian refugee camps in the country, and to take practical steps to deter the continuing attacks on refugees in a land protected under international law.

He noted that the existence of militants inside the refugee camps of UNRWA, does not give a pretext for bombing civilians indiscriminately, because it is considered a serious violations of the law, classified as war crimes.

The human right Observatory concluded by calling on the United Nations to bear its responsibility to act immediately to pull the weapon from the refugee camps in the Syrian territories, and called on all the conflict’s parties to neutralize the Palestinian refugees, who estimated more than 520 thousand refugees.

On the other hand, the Islamic Action Front Party in Jordan denounced the bombing of the Syrian regime to the Palestinian refugee camps, describing it as “criminal massacres”.

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