PA security arrests al-Husari again, summons two others

[ PIC 25/12/2012 – 05:23 PM ]

OCCUPIED WB, (PIC)– PA security apparatus arrested on Monday the liberated prisoners in Tulkarm, and summoned a school student from the city, and a young man from al-Khalil, and continued to detain imam of Bethlehem, while the PA courts postponed the release of a prisoner leader from Tulkarem, and extended the period of detention of four political prisoners from Nablus.

In Tulkarem, the preventive security services (PSS) rearrested yesterday the leader in the resistance movement Hamas, liberated prisoner Adnan al-Husari “Abu Bakr” after being summoned to the court, his detention was extended immediately for 15 days pending investigation.

Al-Husari has been released from the PA prisons few days ago, after repeated detention for more than three times during December. He was arrested many times previously by various PA security apparatuses, where he spent full year in PA jails during which he was subjected to severe torture, as he spent several years in Israeli jails.

Also in Tulkarem, Magistrate’s Court postponed on Monday looking into the request for the release of the political prisoner and Hamas leader Fadi Amory for tomorrow, for the second time in a row.

Amory is a liberated prisoner who spent nearly five years in the Israeli prisons, and he was arrested and subjected to torture several times in PA prisons.

The General Intelligence Service in Tulkarem summoned the school student Ayman Hisham Bedier, 17, for interrogation.

In al-Khalil south of the occupied West Bank, the PA intelligence services summoned Bahaa Eddin Yousef Arar from Surif for interrogation at its headquarters.

In Bethlehem, intelligence services continued to detain Sheikh Yusuf al-Laham the imam of Dheisheh mosque for the sixth day in a row.

In Nablus, PA intelligence service continued to detain a student at al-Najah National University, Amir al-Tanbur, accusing him for taking part in the activities of Hamas in Nablus, in spite of the expected atmosphere of reconciliation.

The Magistrate’s Court in Nablus has extended his arrest with three other young men from the city for the same charge for 15 days pending investigation.

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