Israelis call for the killing of Palestinians through incitement online movies

[ PIC 28/12/2012 – 06:19 PM ]

NAZARETH,(PIC)– Inciting calls against Palestinians have escalated within the Israeli army especially after broadcasting movies by the so-called organization “Faithful Recruits” which works to convince the Israeli youths to the urgent need to enlist in the Army with their commitment to implement the Torah orders.

The broadcasted clips started following the escape of a group of Israeli soldiers, in face of the Palestinian stone throwers in the town of Kafr Qadum, where they were protesting against the continued closure of the main street of the village for more than a decade.

One of the broadcasted inciting clips, addressed to the Israeli soldiers, showed Israeli soldiers with their military uniform and their guns, calling on their colleagues not to escape from the Arabs, and to refuse orders to evacuate settlements.

Another clip showed an Israeli soldier has already fled from his unit for refusing to participate in evacuating outposts near the settlement of “Yitzhar”, saying “when I have enlisted in the army I was convinced that the military knows how to kill Arabs and soldiers do not flee because they ran out of ammunition, but because of the orders that prevent them from responding .. When I am there, I will not implement these orders”.

In another clip, two Israeli youths standing by the gates of “Afram” military base located south of Ramallah, which was stormed by right activists to prevent the eviction of settlements, saying “The next time there will be no need to break this base, because we will be the soldiers who prevent settlement evictions.”

The group of soldiers, appeared in the third clip, were carrying a book of “King’s Theory,” written by Rabbi of occupied Palestinian city of Safed, who has justified the killing of Arabs for mere suspicion of their intention to kill Israelis.

A member of the group said “when I reach the border, I will not listen for the invalid orders, and I will kill the enemy in order to prevent the arrival of any Sudanese or Syrian to Tel Aviv.”



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