Dissolve the PA today, not tomorrow ~ by Khalid Amayreh

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By Khalid Amayreh

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is repeating earlier threats to dissolve the Ramallah regime. In a recent interview with the Haaretz newspaper, Abbas warned that he would “throw the keys” of the authority to the Israelis if Israel didn’t stop building settlements and if no progress in the already moribund peace process was reached by the time a new Israeli government is formed.

Israel is scheduled to hold general elections on 22 January and right wing parties, both religious and secular, are forecast to win a landslide victory. This means that the next Israeli government is likely to be the most extremist and recalcitrant ever.

“If no progress is achieved after the upcoming Israeli elections, I will call the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and tell him: ‘Sit down in my place, from now on you will be in charge of the Palestinian Authority.’ ”

Abass added that “Netanyahu would then have to choose between sayings yes or no.”

The PA was hoping to transform its diplomatic achievement at the United Nations last month into tangible political accomplishments on the ground. However, thanks to Israeli recalcitrance and arrogance of power, the Zionist entity adopted further provocative measures against the Palestinians, pushing the PA into a corner.

These measures included decisions to build thousands of settler units in the West Bank, especially East Jerusalem, and withholding the transfer of tax and customs revenue levied by Israel on behalf of the PA in accordance with the hapless Paris economic protocol.

Consequently, the PA has been hit with the severest financial crisis ever since its establishment in 1993-94. Some of the harsh manifestations of the current crisis include the inability of the Ramallah regime to pay salaries to its estimated 160,000 employees and civil servants, amongst them a 70,000- member security force whose main function is the suppression of any active resistance to the Israeli occupation and Jewish settlers.

The Arab world promised last month to secure a financial net amounting to $100 million per month to keep the PA afloat. However, as of today (30 December, 2012), not a penny has been transferred to PA coffers. In fact, it has been reported that a number of Arab states decided to renege on pledges made Earlier.

This is certainly very bad news for the PA, to put it rather mildly.

One Palestinian official accused the United States of bullying certain Arab capitals to refrain from extending a life raft to the PA. In other words, the US wants the PA to grovel at Israel’s feet and surrender to Zionist designs before ordering corrupt oil sheikhs to throw unto the PA some of the crunch leftover from their fancy meals.

Well, if true, the Arab wealth is being manipulated to undermine the Palestinian cause. But never mind, for this is not the first time these stupid sheikhs and emirs are bullied to follow directions and instructions from Washington where the Jewish lobby has the final say in matters pertaining to the Middle East, especially the Arab Israeli conflict.

PA is liability, not asset

There is no doubt that the dissolution of the PA would be good news for most Palestinians. Yes, some people would lose their jobs and some corrupt robber barons in Ramallah would suffer mostly temporarily. However, the overall Palestinian cause would gain.

First of all, the problem of Palestine would revert to square one, whereby Palestine is viewed as an occupied country and the Palestinian people is languishing under a foreign military occupation. Zionist propagandists and liars wouldn’t be able to claim that 99% of Palestinians are under the jurisdiction of the PA, an obscene mendacity long regurgitated by the likes of Shimon Peres.

Needless to say, the Palestinians wouldn’t just recline on their sofas and watch television. They would rather resume their resistance against the last colonialist rule on earth. The Palestinian struggle, Which is likely to see the spilling of much new blood, would expose Israel as it is, a brutal Nazi-like criminal power indulging in ethnic cleansing against a native people struggling for freedom and dignity. It would also force those Arab states that reached peace treaties with Israel to sever or freeze these treaties and return to the mode of confrontation with Israel.

Indeed, with Arab peoples visibly empowered, especially, vis-à-vis the regimes, the regimes would be forced to meet, though begrudgingly, the expectations and demands of the masses, or else face the consequences.

In the final analysis, ordinary citizens in Cairo and Amman wouldn’t be able to remain passive while watching their brethren in Gaza, Hebron and Jerusalem being murdered in droves by Zio-Nazi soldiers and Talmudic-minded Jewish maniacs who are convinced that the more Arab and Muslim children they murder, the speedier will be the appearance of the redeemer!!

Second, the dissolution of the PA would represent a good riddance for many patriotic Palestinians. It would revive the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank and Palestinian soldiers tasked with protecting Israeli settlers against resistance attacks would train their rifles not against the resistance fighters but the occupation soldiers and settlers.

This would be the most effective and authentic solution for the rift between Fatah and Hamas. Fatah people, who had been made to believe that, Hamas, not Israel, was impeding liberation and preventing the establishment of a true Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, would discover, though belatedly, that Israel is the head of the snake that must be crushed.

Third, the dissolution of the PA would also mean that the Palestinians would free themselves from the illusion of counting on the U.S. , Israel’s guardian-ally, to pressure Israel and convince its manifestly criminal leadership to walk in the path of peace.

Needless to say, the raison Detre of the PA, as far as Israel is concerned, is to serve Israeli security and political interests. This is done under the so-called “security coordination” between the sizeable Palestinian security force and the Israeli occupation army. Putting diplomatic jargon aside, this security coordination is no less than grand treason. How else can one describe the repression and murder of Palestinian activists and resistance fighters at the hands of their countrymen in the service of Israel?

I hope and pray Abbas will make good on his threat. In the past, he warned ad nauseam that he would dissolve the PA if Israel didn’t stop stealing Palestinian land. This really made friends and foes alike not take him seriously.

That is why; Abbas would lose whatever credibility he still has if he once again failed to act. The Palestinian people wouldn’t forgive him.



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