Palestinian leaders call on Abbas to let the people decide their fate

[ PIC 31/12/2012 – 08:33 PM ]

RAMALLAH,(PIC)– A number of leaders of the Palestinian people in the Palestinian territories and in the diaspora, called on the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, to let the Palestinian people decide their fate, rather than handing the power to the extremist government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Palestinian Legislative Council second deputy speaker Hassan Khreisheh expressed his astonishment and dismay of President Abbas’s recent statements, and said, “If Abbas wants to leave or resign, he has to hand over the keys to those who elected him and handed him the reins of power, the Palestinian people.”

“The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) is the product of an international political agreement which cannot be dissolved by Abbas,” he added.

Khreisheh called on Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, to rationalize the use of such statements, stressing on the Palestinian right to his own land.

For his part, Deputy Chief of Hamas Political Bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouq, expressed his surprise at Abbas’s threat to hand over power to the occupation government.

Abu Marzouk confirmed that “Hamas’ success and steadfastness in face of the siege imposed on them, its victory in the recent wars, and its efforts to overcome the internal bickering, guarantee its success in the West Bank.

Abu Mazen has a consistent policy, no for a third intifada despite all circumstances, no for the armed resistance in spite of all the humiliation, yes for negotiations despite the settlement, yes for reconciliation but through elections, and finally he threatens to hand over the keys of the state after the unprecedented achievements to Netanyahu!!”, he added.

As a member of the political bureau of Hamas, Dr. Mahmoud Zahar emphasized that the decision to dissolve the Palestinian Authority is not owned by President Abbas alone, stressing that the issues related to homeland must be consulted with all Palestinian actors in the region.

“It is not permissible for President Abbas to jump from one plan to another without contemplation, and dissolving the national power cannot be decided by one individual,” he added in an earlier statement, stressing that Abbas uses such means when the Israelis refuse to sit with him.

Abbas has threatened a few days ago in his statement to the Hebrew media, to dissolve the Palestinian national authority and to hand over the keys of the West Bank to the Israeli entity, if the latter did not stop constructing the settlements, and did not present any progress in the peace negotiations after the next Israeli election.

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