#StopAD | Human Rights Organization calls for action against administrative detention

[ PIC 31/12/2012 – 08:05 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– A Palestinian human rights organization called on human rights groups working in the field of prisoners, to collect all the legal articles pertaining to administrative detention, and to study them with experts in international law under official Palestinian auspices.

The Palestinian Center for Prisoners’ Studies called, in a statement on Monday, to activate the legal fund, and seek the help from specialist in international law to study the file of administrative detention, in addition to activating the legal departments in the prisoners’ ministry for reporting violations in international courts.

The center also called for activating the role of human rights organizations, especially the Arab Lawyers Union and the legal department of the Arab League, which recommended in the Baghdad conference for activating the legal role to protect the prisoners.

It stressed the importance of determining the legal status of the Palestinian prisoners, by differentiating between being detainees or war prisoners, and by working to confirm the legal status in international forums in favor of the prisoners’ future.

The organization stressed the need to support the administrative prisoners financially to cover the expenses of the lawyers defending the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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