UFree calls for an international investigation about Abu Sisi’s abduction

[ PIC 31/12/2012 – 06:02 PM ]

OSLO, (PIC)– The European Network for the Defense of the Palestinian prisoners’ rights (UFree) declared that it follows up the new information released by prisoner Dirar Abu Sisi, the deputy director of the Gaza power plant, which proves the involvement of some security services of a number of countries in the kidnapping of Abu Sisi.

Al-Damir Association for Human Rights revealed on Thursday 27th December 2012, some details about the kidnapping operation that targeted Abu Sisi in Ukraine carried out by elements of the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad) in February 2011.

Al Damir’s lawyer, Mohammad Al Abid, met Abu Sisi in Israeli prison of Ashkelon on Wednesday 26th December 2012. Within the interview, Abu Sisi revealed exclusive information and details for the first time.

Upon, the released information by Abu Sisi, UFree reckons that it is a must for Court Systems in the countries he mentioned to investigate what he exposed. It further calls for investigating these security services and their officials as they are responsible for what happened to Abu Sisi.

Ufree has renewed, through its website, its international campaign for the release of the isolated prisoner Abu Sisi, which aims to highlight the suffering of these isolated captives and to expose the occupation procedures against Palestinian prisoners, including isolation amid extremely difficult circumstances.

UFree called on people to sign the International petition against solitary confinement and arbitrary detention practiced against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

UFree Network also called on Human Rights organizations to immediately interfere and release Abu Sisi “who is illegally jailed and exposed to torture and suffering.” It also called them “to open an investigation on the information declared by Abu Sisi.”

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