Report: The Israeli occupation forces rejailed 12 Palestinian MPs last year

Note from occpal: Previously by Israel released prisoners received a Presidential Pardon of Peres. Also called Amnesty or Clemency by law to restore ones civil rights and being totally pardoned for the (alleged) crimes if even in the case of Palestinians’ ever charged before at all. Re-arresting pardoned prisoners (also from the Wafa al Ahrar deal) without any charge is a severe violation of human rights.

[ PIC 01/01/2013 – 11:54 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The international campaign for freeing kidnapped Palestinian MPs said the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) re-kidnapped 12 Palestinian lawmakers from Hamas during the past year 2012.

In a statistical report, the international campaign stated that the IOF, during the past year, rejailed 12 MPs from Hamas after it had previously released them, set free nine others, issued 27 administrative sentences against them and raided their homes and offices 10 times.

The campaign affirmed that the Israeli regime and its forces unprecedentedly escalated its violations against the Palestinian lawmakers during 2012 and even targeted their families without any regard for their diplomatic immunity.

Head of the campaign Mushir Al-Masri said, in turn, that the international silence encouraged the Israeli regime to resume the kidnapping of lawmakers.

Masri stressed that the parliamentary institutions around the world should assume their political and moral responsibilities towards the Palestinian lawmakers and end Israel’s illegal actions against them.

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