Resheq: Medical and food supplies are still denied access to Yarmouk camp

[ PIC 02/01/2013 – 01:04 PM ]


BEIRUT, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat Al-Resheq said the Syrian regime forces still prevent for the 10th day the access of medical and food supplies the Palestinian refugee camp Al-Yarmouk in Damascus.

In a press statement to Quds Press on Tuesday, Resheq affirmed that Al-Yarmouk refugee camp is still being attacked by the Syrian regime forces with mortar shells.

Dozens of Palestinian refugees from the camp has been killed so far, he added.

He called for immediately ending the blockade imposed on Yarmouk camp and allowing in humanitarian needs.

For its part, the action group for the Palestinians in Syria strongly denounced on Tuesday the killing of two human rights activists from Al-Yarmouk refugee camp at the hands of the Syrian regime forces.

In a press release, the action group said the Syrian regime forces killed the activists Taha Hussein and Omar Harith after detaining them at the entrance to the camp as they were trying to bring bread for the refugee in the camp.

The activists were slaughtered and their bodies were found in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad area, the group added.

The group said the Syrian regime and its forces have no the slightest humanity and practice the highest levels of brutality and sadism even during the killing of civilians.

It said the blockade imposed on the refugee camps of Al-Yarmouk and Al-Sabina violates the international law and demanded the Palestinian leaders from all spectra to make tangible efforts to end the massacres happening against the Palestinians in Syria.

In a related incident, media sources from the camp reported that seven Palestinian refugees were killed on Tuesday in Al-Yarmouk camp in Damascus.

The sources added that the victims were killed during clashes between the Syrian regime forces and the revolutionary free army inside the camp and as a result of the fall of mortar shells.

The regime forces and the revolutionists were supposed to withdraw from the camp and hand it over to the Palestinian factions in order to end the bloodshed of civilians according to a recent agreement between the concerned parties.

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