Marches and activities in Jenin in support of prisoners

[ PIC 02/01/2013 – 09:46 PM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– A march in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike was launched on Tuesday evening from the Grand Mosque in the town of Ya’bad south of Jenin. The demonstrators roamed the streets of the city and arrived to the taxi station where they held a rally and listened to speakers.

They raised photos of the hunger striking prisoners, Palestinian flags and slogans calling for national unity and work to liberate the prisoners by all means.

The march was called for by the Democratic Front, in coordination with the national and Islamic forces in the town of Ya’bad, after three prisoners from Jenin have entered their second month of hunger strike.

Mahmoud Ka’adan, the brother of the hunger striking captive Tariq, said during the demonstration that the prisoners from Jenin have announced yesterday launching escalatory steps in Megiddo prison and boycotting the prison clinic

He appealed, on behalf of the prisoners, to all the institutions and the local and international actors to intervene and support the prisoners, in order to save their lives and release them from the Israeli jails.

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