The prisoners in Eichel prison preparing protest steps

[ PIC 02/01/2013 – 09:55 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Eichel detention center are preparing to escalate their protest steps inside the prison, “in rejection of the jailer’s continuous criminal practices against them.”

Wa’ed Society for Prisoners and Ex-prisoners quoted the leadership of the captive movement, which represents the detainees at the prison, as saying that the steps “will be launched in the next few days and will include civil disobedience and rejection of all unfair decisions taken by the prison administration even if this will lead to martyrdom.”

It added: “The prison will witness the biggest step represented in the announcement of the launch of a mass open hunger strike and boycotting the prison administration”, demanding a popular move parallel to the prisoners’ move within the prison.

According to the captive movement’s leadership, the procedures taken against the prisoners have become intolerable, and the prisoners prefer to die than to live under the current atmosphere.

The prisoners also expressed their outrage at the international human rights organizations, particularly the Red Cross, and condemned their silence and biased attitude with the Israeli jailer.

They demanded all the concerned official figures, forces and institutions to adopt their case and keep up with all their moves to ensure their release.

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