Documenting the torture of a Palestinian boy in occupation jails

[ PIC 09/01/2013 – 09:56 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Ahrar center for prisoners studies and human rights has documented the testimony of the child Saddam Al-Jabrai,14, about his detention period, as he was arrested on 7 December 2012, by Israeli soldiers near the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil.

He was released six days after his arrest on bail after being subjected to torture.

“I used to go always to the Ibrahimi Mosque and while I was sitting there, I didn’t notice that there was a knife near me and it really wasn’t mine. The Israeli soldier came and noticed the knife. Thinking it was mine, he started questioning me and tried to force me to say that the knife was mine. He started kicking me hard and was joined by two more soldiers,” Saddam told the center.

Saddam’s hands were then tied tightly behind his back. “I felt much pain and I was blindfolded and taken to a military vehicle to Kiryat Arba, I was thinking about my parents who don’t know anything about this incident,” he explained.

I stayed in Kiryat Arba from 8 pm till 1 am without food or water. On the next day they transferred me to Atzion interrogation center where I spent night alone in a cell with only a piece of dry bread and cheese.

“I didn’t know the time. I was just thinking of my freedom. I am only 14. It was a very hard experience. On the next day they transferred me to Ofer military court and there I refused to admit that the knife is mine so they postponed the court, he added.

He stated that they put him with child prisoners, some of whom are sick, some others are denied family visits.

Saddam was released on 12 December 2012 after postponing his court four times.

Fuad Alkhuffash the center’s director said that the occupation did not take into account that the detainee is under age 18, and violated international law which forbids the detention of children under this age.

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