Heavy rain drenches Shatta prison, prisoners evacuated to unknown location

[ PIC 09/01/2013 – 11:19 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli Shatta jail was drenched in the heavy rain that swamped northern Palestine occupied in 1948 over the past two days.

Abdullah Qandil, the spokesman for Waed society for prisoners, told Quds Press that devastating floods swept the prison, which is located in the Bisan Valley to the south of Tiberias Lake, on Tuesday night

He said that rainwater flooded prisoners’ rooms and damaged their belongings, adding that the prison administration ordered all prisoners out of their rooms and let them wait under the rain for half an hour before starting to transfer them to unknown location(s) in a stormy weather.

Shatta prison hosts around 800 Palestinian prisoners mostly serving high sentences.

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