Hundreds of homes flooded, citizens injured in W. Bank downpours

[ PIC 09/01/2013 – 12:28 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– More than 400 homes were flooded and many Palestinian citizens sustained injuries on Tuesday in the rainstorm and bad weather that hit the occupied territories and the Levant region.

According to a report by the Palestinian civil defense department, the number of the wounded civilians rose to about 500 and the flooded homes to 400 in the last hours due to torrential downpours in the West Bank.

The report explained that the civil defense crews saved more than 300 Palestinian citizens in Tulkarem city and six children in Jaba and Anza areas in Nablus, and evacuated hundreds of people from their homes in different West Bank areas and cities.

In Nablus city, local sources reported that the heavy rains led to serious flooding and caused landslides in a number of towns and villages.

In the center of Nablus city, the rains started on the evening hours of Tuesday to turn into torrents on the streets of Nablus sweeping cars and causing widespread damage to public property.

Dozens of citizens were evacuated from homes in Nablus villages and two young brothers were also saved after the floods washed them away.

In addition to the bad weather, the strikes of school teachers and public drivers almost caused complete paralysis throughout the West Bank.

Many roads and streets in the West Bank were also not busy with the daily movement of vehicles and people because of the rains and the strikes.

Only a few citizens used private cars to get to their workplaces or to meet their needs.


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