Palestinian man dies in Jenin floods, areas announced disaster areas

[ PIC 09/01/2013 – 06:08 PM ]

JENIN, (PIC)– A Palestinian man in his fifties died in front of his home in Jenin city on Wednesday after he tried to cross a flooded street but he slipped and drowned in the flood, medical sources said.

Meanwhile, Qabatiya village council and Jenin district announced Qabatiya and Wadi Ezzuddin in Jenin city disaster areas as floods covered houses and closed roads leading to those two areas.

The village’s municipality said that around 90 houses were submerged by the rainwater and their inhabitants were displaced, adding floods might increase if the rain did not stop.

It said that technical and relief teams were working strenuously to alleviate the damage suffered as a result of the heavy rainfall.

It said that downtown Qabatiya was flooded along with the road between the village and Jenin while many livestock and poultry perished in the floods and greenhouses were destroyed.

In a related context, the charitable United Arab Emirates authority announced on Wednesday that it started distributing tents, covers, pillows, mattresses, food packets, and money to 30 displaced families in the northern Jordan Valley.




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