“Not enough” extreme weather: Israel deliberately floods east of Gaza (again!)

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[ PIC 10/01/2013 – 11:59 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The civil defense department in Gaza said the Israeli occupation state opened on Wednesday the floodgates of one of its dams in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip.

The department called on the Palestinian citizens living along the Gaza Valley area to be cautious and get in touch with the authorities in case of any incident.

For days, the occupied Palestinian lands have seen heavy rains that caused floods in different areas.

The Israeli regime last year had flooded several Gaza villages and displaced their residents when it opened the same floodgates.

In another incident, the civil defense brigades saved 40 families in Rafah area south of Gaza after floodwaters inundated their homes.

Local sources said that the civil defense men used small fishing boats to reach and save the citizens trapped in flooded areas.

Other areas in Gaza, including the fishing harbors, sustained slight damage. One fishing boat was pulled out after it sank because of the rainstorm.

One tunnel reportedly collapsed in Rafah area, while the fate of four Palestinians who were inside it is still unknown.

One young man from Rafah also died of an electric shock as a result of the damage that the rainstorm had caused to several homes in Gaza.

In the West Bank, the Palestinian natives of Al-Khalil city woke up to the scene of white snow coating their homes and streets.

The snow accumulated mostly in the northern areas of Al-Khalil, especially in Ras Jura, Haras, Namra and Beir Mahjar and Halhul Bridge.

The snowstorm disrupted public life in the city and closed many roads.

In a related context, Palestinian agricultural groups called on the Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza to establish a disaster and compensation fund in order to protect the agricultural sector from the dangers resulting from natural disasters and Israel’s policies.

In a joint statement, different agricultural and land societies said that such step would leave a great impact on the hearts of farmers and villagers and strengthen the pillars of the Palestinian economy and society.


In March 2012, Israel also flooded the dams: Video


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