Appeals to save life of patient captive Sami Shabalo

[ PIC 12/01/2013 – 04:36 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)– Family of captive Sami Shabalo, 70, appealed through Ahrar Center for Prisoners Studies and Human Rights to all human rights and humanitarian organizations to immediately intervene and save the patient prisoner’s life.

The daughter of prisoner Sami Shabalo, from the city of Nablus, confirmed that her father’s health situation has been seriously deteriorating, as he lost hearing and suffers from joint pain and constant headache.

For his part, Fouad Al Khuffash, Director of the Ahrar Center, denounced the arrest of the patient elderly man by the occupation forces, and stressed that Israel has been exercising tyranny and repression against all layers of the Palestinian society.

Captive Sami Shabalo was arrested on 21-5-2012, after storming his house in Nablus and has been held in the Ofer prison since then.

In turn, the head of the Ex-detainees Association, Tawfiq Abu Naim, stressed that prisoners in Israeli jails are suffering the cold weather as they are deprived of all means of heating and foods in many days and recurrent electricity outages.

Regarding visits of Gaza prisoners’ families, Abu Naim explained that a small number of families were allowed to visit their detained sons, adding that visits are only permitted for first-degree relatives.

“We went through difficult periods in the prisons of the Zionist enemy,” he said, pointing to the conditions of the patient prisoners and the prison administrations’ deliberate medical negligence.

He also pointed out that some medicines given by the IPS cause deterioration of the prisoner’s health status and said that a number of sick prisoners had been given dogs’ medicines.

Abu Naim has also criticized the continuation of the PA political arrests, especially against the liberated prisoners, and stressed the need to complete the Palestinian reconciliation and turn over the page of division.

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