#DismantleThePA | Political arrests continue in the West Bank

[ PIC 13/01/2013 – 07:24 PM ]


WEST BANK, (PIC)– PA security apparatus arrested the preacher of a mosque in Jenin, and summoned seven Hamas supporters for interrogation in al-Khalil, Nablus and Qalqilya.

In Jenin, the Preventive Security Apparatus arrested Sheikh Mohammed Habayba, the preacher of the Dhou Nourain mosque in Sanour.

The Authority security apparatus summoned in areas in the south of al-Khalil governorate 4 supporters and cadres of Hamas movement.

The intelligence service summoned in Nablus, two students at An-Najah National University, one of them is a liberated captive and former political prisoner, while the Preventive Security Service summoned on Saturday a former political prisoner from the town of Immatin in the east of Qalqilya.

Meanwhile, the General Intelligence Service transferred the hunger striking political prisoner Tariq Anwar Edis, a liberated captive from the Israeli jails, from al-Khalil prisons to Jericho jail, while he has continued his open hunger strike in protest at his detention and to demand his release.

Preventive Security Service continued detaining the political prisoner Ayyub al-Qawasmi from al-Khalil, despite the end of his sentence period. He was arrested on 30/12/2010 on charge of protesting against the general policy of the National Authority, and was sentenced by the military court in al-Khalil to eight months, that ended in August 2011 without being released.

For his part; Khalil Assaf, the head of the independent Palestinian figures gatherings in the West Bank, confirmed that the Authority security apparatuses in the West Bank have arrested and summoned in the last few days Hamas supporters, and he hoped for an end for such arrests.

“The Palestinian Central Elections Committee will start working in the Gaza Strip within a few days. The reconciliation files are moving according to the agreement the Palestinian factions have reached a few days ago,” Assaf said in press statements.

He noted that the file of activating the PLO has been raised and that all the lists, approved by the independents during the senior leadership meeting, have been prepared, adding that the file will be presented to the Executive Committee for approval.

The Preventive Security Service has also arrested in Ramallah Mr. Tariq Fadel al-Sheikh, in the 6th of January, as he refused to present himself to the apparatus headquarters after he has been summoned.

He is a liberated captive who had served in the Israeli jails more than nine years, and he is a father of three children; Mujahid 4, Malak 7and Rahma 2.

Assaf also pointed out to the difficulty of the security file, that has been discussed in the Cairo talks, and stated that the two sides agreed to merge the Palestinian security apparatuses in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

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