13 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria on Friday

[ PIC 19/01/2013 – 02:52 PM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Thirteen Palestinian refugees were killed on Friday in Syria, most of whom during explosion of a car bomb near the Hussein mosque in the center of Daraa refugee camp.

Palestinian activists said that twelve Palestinians, including three children, died and dozens were wounded in the explosion of a car bomb while the worshipers were leaving the Hussein mosque in the center of Daraa camp.

A Palestinian youth was also killed by a bullet fired by a sniper at the entrance to the Yarmouk refugee camp, southern the Syrian capital Damascus.

A young woman, from the Neirab camp’s residents, had been killed a few days ago during an aerial shelling on the University of Aleppo, while another had died after a mortar shell fell on her house in the area of Jobar in Rural Damascus.

The workgroup for Palestinians in Syria pointed out that the Syrian regime forces have been imposing a siege on the Yarmouk refugee camp for the 27th consecutive day, and preventing the entry and exit of the camp residents, as well as the entry of food or medical materials.

The group said in a press statement that the Yarmouk refugee camp has witnessed violent clashes between groups of Syria’s free army and the regular army.

Meanwhile, Husseiniyeh camp has witnessed violent shelling and clashes between groups of the free army and the regular army, which caused a number of casualties.

The group also confirmed that al-Hol camp in city of al-Hasakah was subjected to Syrian airstrikes, adding that no casualties were reported.

It stressed that the camp residents are suffering from poor living conditions in light of the continued power outages and the acute shortage of food and medical supplies.


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