Haniyeh calls for Arab-Islamic strategy to confront the Israeli extremism

[ PIC 22/01/2013 – 09:46 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, called for the need to build a new strategy to confront the growing extremism in the Israeli entity, while stressing Hamas movement’s efforts in the quest for reconciliation.

Haniyeh said at a joint news conference with Malaysian Prime Minister Mohammed Najib Abdul Raziq, on Tuesday in Rafah, that “the inclination of the Israeli society to extremism by electing an extremist government requires an Arab and Muslim unified strategy to confront this extremism.

Regarding reconciliation, Haniyeh confirmed the seriousness of the government and Hamas in the quest to achieve Palestinian reconciliation.

We confirm to the Prime Minister of Malaysia our commitment to the option of reconciliation and national unity, he stated, expressing his readiness to facilitate the implementation of the reconciliation process.

Haniyeh welcomed the Prime Minister of Malaysia and his delegation, praising his country’s economic renaissance, hoping to invest these capabilities in strengthening the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

“We look forward to an influential role for Malaysia in supporting the Palestinian people to gain their rights, topped by the liberation of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine,” he added.

He appreciated the Malaysian rejection of the political and economic siege on Gaza, stressing that this visit came to break the siege on strip.

For his part, Prime Minister of Malaysia stressed that “this humanitarian visit came to confirm extreme Malaysian concern regarding what happened to the people in Gaza and the recent aggression,” asserting that Malaysia will stand with the Palestinian people “until obtaining an independent Palestinian state”

He stressed the need to unite the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, saying “We hope to see a real unified Palestinian government.”

The Malaysian Prime Minister Mohammed refused PA president’s statement concerning his visit to the Gaza Strip, saying that they came in the context of a humanitarian mission to express support for the Palestinian people and their quest for freedom.

The Presidency of the Ramallah authority criticized Abdul Razak’s visit, claiming that it represents an “encroachment” to the Palestinian representation and deepens the division.

Abdul Razak stressed that the solidarity visit came to offer support and assistance to the Palestinian people, pointing out that his country supported the establishment of a school and the rebuilding of the prime minister’s office in Gaza, which was destroyed in the recent aggression.

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