Three more Palestinian refugees killed in Syria


DRAH | Jan 22, 2013

Gaza, ( The action group for the Palestinians in Syria said three Palestinian refugees were killed on Monday by Syrian regime forces in refugee camps.

The action group stated that the three Palestinian civilians were killed in Syrian gunfire and shelling in the refugee camps of Al-Yarmouk and Darah.

The group added that armed clashes took place on Monday morning at the entrances to Al-Yarmouk camp, noting that some Palestinian families returned to the camp after they failed to find safe havens or better places to stay in.

In a related incident, a Palestinian medical delegation led by health minister Basem Naim left Gaza on Monday on their way to the Syrian-Turkish borders to provide medical assistance to the wounded Palestinians and Syrians.

Naim told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the delegation is composed on eight doctors leaving on a humanitarian mission on behalf of the Palestinian people to help alleviate the suffering of the Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

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