Four Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

refugees killed syria jan 24 2013 | Jan 24, 2013

Gaza,(– Working Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria declared the martyrdom of 4 Palestinian refugees yesterday, in light of the heavy shelling on the Yarmouk and Husseiniya camps.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian camps network news union announced the Palestinian camps in Damascus as disaster areas, including al-Sabina camp.

The group said the Palestinian refugee Nadim Al-Ghunaim from Yarmouk refugee camp was killed under torture, while Osama Suhail, from the refugee camp of Yarmouk, was killed while going to work by sniper fire.

In addition, Kamil Shawish from Husseiniya camp was killed by a rocket at his house, and Awad Ahmad was killed after being hit by shrapnel.

Husseiniya camp was subjected since the early morning hours to shelling, where many Palestinian refugees have left the camp after lifting the siege partially.

Yarmouk refugee camp has witnessed violent clashes between the Syrian Free Army and the regular army.

Meanwhile, a car has exploded in al-Sabina refugee camp, no injuries were reported.


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