Israel’s policy of deliberate medical neglect: The prisoner Nasser Shawish loses the ability to walk

[ PIC 24/01/2013 – 02:27 PM ]

JENIN, (PIC)– Human rights sources warned against the deteriorating health situation of the prisoner Nasser Shawish, from Jenin, sentenced to life imprisonment, where he has been detained since 11 years in Shatta prison in very poor conditions.

The lawyer Yamen Zidane, who visited the prison, confirmed that the prisoner Shawish suffers serious deterioration, where he met him unable to walk or to stand alone.

The prisoners sharing a cell with him serve him and provide assistance with his daily needs.

He said that he suffered severe pain since two years ago in his back and joints, where his health problems have worsened over time due to not providing him with treatment.

Shawish suffered a sharp pain in one of his feet years ago and relied heavily on the other foot. A few days ago, he fell into the bath, which caused the loss of movement in his other leg, the Palestinian Prisoner Society reported.

Shawish was transferred three times to Ramle prison hospital for conducting medical tests without diagnosing his health condition.

Despite several requests from the prisoners’ representatives, the prison administration refused to transfer him to Afula hospital.

Meanwhile, the Jerusalemite MP Ahmed Attoun warned against the increasing number of martyrs among the prisoners “in light of the Israeli medical negligence policy practiced against the prisoners, especially the sick prisoners, following the martyrdom of a liberated prisoner two months after his release.”

“The continued Israeli policy of not providing health care for Palestinian prisoners will lead to more martyrs among the prisoners, especially that there are numerous cases among prisoners who suffer from serious health problems,” he told Quds press.

Attoun pointed out that the martyrdom of Ashraf Abu Thira’a came as a result to the medical negligence policy carried out by Israeli prison authorities.

He praised the Egyptian efforts who seek to stop the Israeli violations against the liberated prisoners during the exchange deal,” explaining that “there are 10 liberated prisoners were re-arrested by the occupation forces.”

He called for “an official and popular move in solidarity with the prisoners, and to activate their cause, and to use all possible means in order to stop the Israeli violations against them until their release.”

The Jerusalemite MP held the occupation authorities the responsible for the martyrdom of prisoners Ashraf Abu Thira’a from al-Khalil and Zuhair Labbada from Nablus and Dawud Issa from Bethlehem and others.

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