4 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

[ PIC 27/01/2013 – 06:50 PM ]

DIMASCUS, (PIC)– Working Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria confirmed in its report on Sunday that 4 Palestinian refugees were killed, while a bus carrying 14 passengers from Khan al-Shih Palestinian refugee camp was hijacked.

The group confirmed that Sheikh Sultan Heil from Khan al-Shih Palestinian refugee camp was found dead after being kidnapped by an armed group outside the mosque after Friday prayers.

Moafaq al-Dabdoub, 31, from Yarmouk refugee camp was also killed by sniper fire. Mohammed Rashad Bedier, from Husseiniya Palestinian refugee camp was killed after being wounded due to shelling of the camp.

The Palestinian refugee Muhannad Abu Na’aj, 18, was shot by sniper fire.

The group reported that a second bus, carrying 14 passengers from Khan al-Shih refugee camp, was hijacked.

Yarmouk refugee camp has witnessed since the early morning violent clashes between the Syrian Free Army and the regular army, while Syrian warplanes were flying over the Husseiniyeh camp’s skies.

The Palestinian camps still suffer a food shortage, heating and bread crisis due to the blockade imposed by the regular army.


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