Palestinians of Syria rally outside UNRWA HQ for more support

[ PIC 26/01/2013 – 02:37 PM ]

images_News_2013_01_26_refugees-0_300_0[1]BEIRUT, (PIC)– Dozens of Palestinian refugees who fled the Syrian internal war rallied on Friday morning outside the headquarters of UNRWA in Lebanon at the invitation of the Hamas Movement to demand it to support them more actively.

During the sit-in, Hamas representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka called on UNRWA, the international community and the Palestinian factions to hasten to provide assistance to the Palestinian evacuees from the Syrian refugee camps.

Baraka urged UNRWA, in particular, to provide better humanitarian aid to the Palestinian evacuees of Syria than its 40 dollars which it had decided to give for each refugee for only one time, stressing that the refugees need to live a decent life in Lebanon.

The Hamas official also thanked the Lebanese government for allowing the Palestinian refugees of Syria to live temporarily in Lebanon until their return to their homes and called on all concerned parties not to differentiate between the Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon regarding aid.

The official affirmed that his Movement, in turn, is still persistent in providing humanitarian aid to the Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

In another context, the action group for the Palestinians in Syria reported that the Palestinian death toll in Syria has amounted to 940 refugees so far.

It affirmed that the Syrian regime forces still bomb the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria and impose a tight blockade on its residents.


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