Bajes Nakhla spent 16 years in administrative detention during 2 decades

[ PIC 29/01/2013 – 01:46 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities have arrested two weeks ago Bajes Nakhla, 50, from the Jalazoun refugee camp, north of the occupied city of Ramallah.

Abu Fares was arrested three months after his release in Israeli jails where he spent more than two years mostly in solitary confinement. He participated in al-Karama hunger strike last April.

Nakhla has spent more than 16 years in Israeli prisons, where he was arrested more than 17 times since 1988 due to his social and advocacy activities in Ramallah and Al-Bireh.

Um Fares, the prisoner’s wife, said that his recent arrest was the most difficult for the family especially that their children are more aware of absence than ever before.

She explained that her children are in extreme need for their fathers especially her youngest son, 13, who suffers from her father’s arrest.

Life sentence is much easier than successive administrative detention, which Abu Fares has been subjected since 20 years, she added, stressing that her husband is detained without trial or charge.

Liberated prisoners who were jailed with Abu Fares stressed that he was helpful and modest in his dealing with the prisoners, where he used to solve their problems even outside the prison.

He was targeted by the IPS and Shin Bet due to his multiple activities in the service of the prisoners, where he was isolated several times, most recently in the last year.

Nakhla was sentenced to six months in administrative detention last week.

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