Documentary in Britain showing Palestinians’ suffering in Iraq

[ PIC 30/01/2013 – 05:08 PM ]


LONDON, (PIC)– The London based, Palestinian Return Center hosted the first film screening of the documentary, “Displaced in Diaspora”, translated to English showing the plight of Palestinian refugees since their expulsion from Iraq in 2003.

The documentary came within the center’s 4th annual Palestine Memorial Week, which commenced on Saturday 19 January with a conference on Britain’s Legacy in Palestine.

The event was attended by dozens of Palestine supporters from the British public, as well as some British MPs who have traveled to the Iraq-Syria border within the EU delegation organized by PRC to compile a documentary evidence of their ongoing plight.

Ghassan Faour, the center’s vice chairman of the board of trustees, said that “Week of the victims,” contributed to “expose human rights violations against the Palestinian people.”

He pointed out the importance of launching the five year Balfour Campaign to mark the forthcoming centenary of the Balfour Declaration in 2017.

“The campaign calls on Britain to apologize for its historical mistake and make reparations to Palestinians who endured human rights violations at British hands,” he said.

MP Jeremy Corbin, who was part of the EU delegation, called for an urgent solution to the issue of Palestinian refugees in Iraq and called on the Iraqi government and international organizations to protect them from persecution. Corbin stressed the need to return those refugees to their villages and homes from which they were displaced in 1948.

For his part, the activist and filmmaker Adam Shapiro has praised the documentary that translated the Palestinian refugees’ suffering in Iraq and which exposed the complicity of some international and Arab countries that refused to receive them even for a short period, which led to the death, arrest and displacement of thousands of them in Iraq.

The documentary’s director, Jamal al-Dalali, stated that the filming process took place in Iraq and many other host countries such as Brazil, India, Norway, Sweden, Cyprus, Syria to compile a documentary evidence of their ongoing plight.

The center has honored the director and the screenwriter, Amani Abdul Hamid.

PRC has produced the film for Al Jazeera documentary TV channel, where it has recently won the second prize in the Arab Festival for Radio and Television, which took place in Tunisia last month.

The documentary is one of the initiatives to come out from the Five year involvement by PRC with the Palestinian refugees from Iraq.


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