Palestinian youth killed in Syria amidst continued shelling of refugee camps

[ PIC 30/01/2013 – 11:22 AM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– A Palestinian youth from Yarmouk refugee camp was killed in Syria on Tuesday during clashes on the Diraa road.

The workgroup for Palestinians in Syria said in a statement on Wednesday that inhabitants of Khan Al-Sheeh refugee camp were experiencing a state of anxiety after the Syrian regular army kidnapped many of them lately while riding public buses amid threats of more such kidnappings.

It said that violent clashes were reported in the early morning hours on Wednesday between the regular and free Syrian armies in the Yarmouk refugee camp in which light and medium weapons were used.

It said that Husseiniya refugee camp, the poorest in Syria, was still under siege for the 62nd day with no foodstuffs, medicines or heating materials allowed access.

Meanwhile, a British-European parliamentary delegation is expected to arrive in Lebanon in early February to get acquainted with the humanitarian conditions of Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria to Lebanon.

The parliamentarians’ solidarity visit would also contribute in informing the world community with those refugees’ suffering and pressure for alleviating their suffering.

The visit is organized by the council of Palestinian-European relations in Brussels, the Palestinian return center in London, and Thabet organization for the right of return for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.


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